Mentor/Mentee Reflection

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Traveling to Eagle Village for a weekend not only with my mentor, Kayla Phillips, but a weekend with the entire sophomore and freshman LAS class was truly inspiring! Seeing everyone with their mentor or mentee and how their relationships formed together and with others was hilarious. It’s amazing how perfect each mentor is for their mentee. Especially my mentor, Kayla, we bonded more than I thought was possible. She is literally my twin and after Eagle Village, I see her not only as a lifetime friend but as a sister! Thanks to Harley (Captain Snug) and his witty humor, it only made the experience that much better! I bonded with everyone in my Snug Life group and I got to see how my mentor acts as a leader. We both are very competitive so we had our plan on how to make it to the top of the Giants Ladder before we even made it in the room! Although we only made it to the fourth rung, we got the biggest complement of the best teamwork he has seen all day! And while Snug Life failed a couple of times at the Yogurt Lava project, we learned that perseverance and encouragement is the best quality to have as a leader. Now I can’t wait to have a mentee to love and to show him/her their grandma! And as a leader, I’m going to be more trusting, encouraging, and will never give up on a task!



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