CMU President Ross


On November 4th, 2013; President Ross visited the LAS cohort in Powers 136 for about an hour. He told his past and troubles, the things that strengthened him and motivated him to be where he is today, where he is now with his family and job, and what his future thoughts for our campus was. He then proceeded to ask everyone their name, their hometown, what grade they are in, why they chose CMU, and then proceeded to follow-up with another question. He was very heartfelt and down-to-earth letting us know all about being a cancer survivor and coming from a huge family. He was very interested in learning why we love CMU and of our thoughts so far.

president ross

All of this had me thinking exactly why I chose CMU. Like most of the LAS cohort, I chose CMU because I received the LAS scholarship. I got just as many scholarships at Grand Valley as I did here but no scholarship could ever compare to this one. I also have the added bonus of being only an hour from home, having my sister living on campus as a senior currently, and being in such a heart-felt, beautiful campus. I’ve realized just how lucky I am for not only getting this scholarship but for having a mentor and 39 other people who love leadership and has put just as much work throughout their lives to get here, as I did. I now see what a beautiful campus this is and I can tell it’s becoming more home-felt everyday. I can now see that the campus that I will live on for 4+ years; the president truly cares for the students, our opinions, and bettering the community and atmosphere.


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