Fred Factor


Through our required course, “Introduction to Leadership in Education”, we were introduced to an incredible true story called “The Fred Factor” by Mark Sanborn. Fred went above and beyond the call of duty without any expectations of anything in return. We decided to set up in the University’s Bovee Center, and ask people who they are incredibly grateful for and to list the reasons why. Our hope was to use gratitude as a way of helping students on campus realize the good in their life, and find value in other people.

My group wanted people to realize that life is short and most people regret not telling someone they love them or miss them. Having people call that special person and say it before it became too late, deepen their relationship. Calling the person made them feel better for doing something nice and made the person on the other side of the phone feel loved. They did something in hopes of brightening their day without anything in return.

After this experience, I decided to call the person I am incredibly grateful for, my mom. I was a mess afterwards but my mom told me “it was the best call she has ever received.” Seeing everyone write and call each other was very heartwarming and hard to keep myself from tearing up. Their responses were touching and letting them know they’re not alone in this world.

So go ahead, watch this video of our project and call someone you are incredibly grateful for!


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