Volunteer or Community Service Reflection


Volunteering always warms my heart. I used to dread it because it took time out of my free time when I could be doing something else. This attitude changed quickly after I really started getting involved way back when. I volunteered locally and it only took about 4 hours but the way I felt and seeing their faces, made my entire day. I knew from then on that giving is always better than receiving.


Even though I haven’t been as involved as I would like to be here on campus with volunteering, I know I will find time. I have volunteered already a bunch with my sorority and just randomly throughout the year. I have volunteered for working concessions at CMU for roughly 6 hours, worked Papa’s Pumpkin Patch for 4 hours, and I have worked/sold tickets for our BBQ philanthropy fundraiser for Sigma Sigma Sigma. I have attended Polar Pint Night for 2 hours and Kristen’s Story for 1.5 hours. I also have volunteered at CMU and You Day for potential incoming freshman for 5 hours.


Although I have been doing little things here and there, I can already tell that I need to kick it into high gear. I need to volunteer in more things and as simple as the human society or a nursing home. My next big goal is to volunteer at Special Olympics! I’ve only heard of amazing experiences and I know that will put a lot of experience and volunteer hours underneath my belt! Just have to cross my fingers in hopes I will be one of the lucky ones to volunteer at it!


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