GVSU Installation


Over the weekend, I was honored to help rebuild the chapter of Sigma Sigma Sigma at Grand Valley State University! A two-hour road trip began on Friday afternoon to start with a meeting about the plans for this exciting time for them. We then conversed with as many new members as possible to not only get to know who we will be working with this weekend, but to inform them on how amazing a sorority is with Tri Sigma. There were 70 new Greek members without any help from older members in their chapter to inform them on what to expect. That’s why we were there! We included them in the traditions, events, and sisterhood of the Alpha Phi chapter in CMU. Although they will not have a family tree to begin their first semester in a sorority, they have the privilege to start a new chapter at Grand Valley and make it special to them.

With the help of the Omicron chapter and alum from the past GVSU chapter, we set up four rooms the next morning to install all these enthusiastic members! I also got to see what it is like to be on the other side of this event for the first time. We learned about how we should improve our future Greek members installation process back at home. After our chapter initiated 20 members in our room, we got to see the honor initiate be initiated in front of everyone by the national executive vice president. An honor initiate is someone who went above and beyond the expectations for the new member period which is one of the hardest, most emotional experience for any new Greek member.

This was definitely the most exhilarating, exciting events I could have helped with. Knowing I took a part in the new Tri Sigma chapter at GVSU will be something I cherish forever. Not only that, but our own chapter took back tips and suggestions on improving our chapter with the installation process. We also got to speak and get to know MANY new SISTERS and the national vice president! Both of which, were possibly a once in a lifetime experience.


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