As A Leader…


As a leader, what I really want in 2014 is to grow, learn, and prosper. I want to teach others the importance of being a leader and what benefits not only you but others receive. I want to learn in return from each person I have the privilege to come in contact with. I want to take on bigger roles, challenging aspects, and new opportunities. As a leader, I want to try new things and teach others the magic that comes from stepping outside of their comfort zone. To become a leader people want to follow and be a part of. To have a positive attitude because happiness is contagious. I want to leave my mark…

As a leader, I really need to provide rewarding and constructive feedback. Doing so will help them grow as a potential leader and know their hard work is paying off. It shows that I am paying attention to them and allows them to feel good about what they are doing. Acknowledging hard work and efforts will influence others to act similarly. It will cause a domino effect and have others work just as hard. I need to be accountable and helpful to others. This will create friendships and a trustworthy relationship between the leader and follower. I really need to create these relationships that could last a lifetime.

As a leader, I will share my listening perspective of leadership. Being able to listen is one of the harder roles of a leader since every leader feels the need to speak up. Listening gives people the chance to challenge themselves and learn from others ideas. This will help the followers grow and continually grow with each experience instead of just hearing the correct answer from the leader. I will share my smile with others. Smiling is not only contagious, but creates a positive atmosphere to work around. It also makes others smile and want to have as much fun as everyone else. I will share the importance of creativity. Challenging your brain to think outside of the box and to be creative will inspire others.

As a leader, I will succeed at challenging myself and others. I will try things I wouldn’t normally do or think I had the chance of trying. I will challenge others as well to speak their minds and step outside of their comfort zone. I will succeed at achieving a higher position role within clubs or events. I already have achieved the position of leadership chair within my sorority and am trying to be a part of more roles. I will succeed at influencing others to volunteer. Showing and explaining the feeling you get from volunteering at something. How you feel and how you make others feel creates a positive self-esteem for all. It’s as simple as doing something for others in need to make the world happier!


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