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Steven Spielberg, Filmmaker

An awkward outsider in his youth, encountering anti-Semitism in suburban Phoenix and witnessing the collapse of his parents’ marriage; Spielberg found in his father’s 8-mm camera a means of escape and connection. This inspired Steven to shoot adventure and war films when he was younger & he created his own communities through the collective enterprise of movie making. He made films in his backyard and charged 25 cents to have them viewed while his sister sold popcorn. He brought his creative leadership to the organizations that he helped found including the Starlight Starbright Children’s Foundation and the Shoah Foundation. These foundations are the archives of the testimonies of Holocaust survivors which are inspirations for his productions.

With Jaws, E.T, & Jurassic Park being the top-grossing record holders; Steven Spielberg fulfilled his goals of becoming a renowned director and producer. Even after all of his success, he had critics behind his every move believing his films were lacking genuine  dramatic content.

Let your haters be your motivators.

Steven continued to inspire and prove his ambition will conquer. He followed up  with films like The Color Purple and Schindler’s List to explore the internal struggles of complex characters living in tough times. With Schindler’s List being named one of the 10 greatest films by the American Film Institute.

From being bullied for being the outsider Jew, he continued to inspire and change from this tough childhood. He produced movies and themes that others wouldn’t dare to touch on. He grew & prospered to teach others through a form of creativity & art. Taking criticisms  from his peers & not changing his view on films. Others are motivated to follow his leadership because he is unlike any other. He chooses routes others wish they would have thought of first. Steven proves everyday that hard work & dedication will bring success. Like any leader, he inspires & reminds me to become a better person. I also view art & photography as an escape from feeling like an outsider. He has inspired me to ignore the criticisms of society’s expectations & continue to be the original me that I was born to show others. That I should lead others to believe in themselves when everything else is stacked up against them. I should lead others to speak their mind because their ideas can inspire others without realizing it. I should lead others to follow their dreams no matter how hard it may seem. Everything someone wants will come with a challenge & its up to you whether you chase it or ignore your life long goal.


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