Leadership Practices Inventory Reflection

The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership:

  1. Model the Way
  2. Inspire a Shared Vision
  3. Challenge the Process
  4. Enable Others to Act
  5. Encourage the Heart

Also remembered as M.I.C.E.E. when we were told there would be a quiz over the reading. It’s just another reading and the reasoning behind what leadership is. YAWN! We’ve all read what makes a leader great or what a leader even is. We all think we know the basis and underlying meaning behind every leadership style. But that is where I found myself in the wrong. After reading & furthering putting myself in the leadership position knowing these 5 practices, I realized how this will only make me a better leader. To speak my values and aligning them with others to set the example of shared values. Envisioning the future with new ideas and having a common vision among others will inspire. To seek ways to change, grow, and improve by taking risks and learning from mistakes. Promoting cooperative goals and sharing the responsibility and power to strengthen others. Showing appreciation for individual’s success or attempts and celebrating such. All of which is something everyone can approve on especially leaders.


After taking this self-assessment and then asking others to assess my leadership skills was nerve-wracking. I am my worst critic & knowing such, I started to think maybe I was too harsh on myself.  What if I thought I was amazing in one subject & appears people think I need to improve instead? Opening this black & white packet entailing my every experience as a leader & whether I am a worthy one had me swimming in a pool of sweat. The time has come. I was pleased to see only such positive results from peers & past people I have been the leader of. I was humbled and taken back thinking I finally did something that clearly made an impact on others. I felt like all my hard work, time, care, and stressful times have shown positive results I’ve so long craved for.

My results showed just how passionate I am about leadership and helping others. It shows that I follow through on the promises and commitments that I make through modeling the way. I talk about future trends that will influence how the work gets done through inspiring a shared vision. I develop cooperative relationships among the people I work with and I treat others with dignity and respect. I also make it a point to let people know about my confidence in their abilities through encouraging the heart. Challenging me to keep these aspects of my leadership style as highly recognized as they were later on in life. This also challenged me to improve the lower 5 aspects of my leadership style mostly all within modeling the way. My results showed that I need to spend more time and energy making certain the people I work with adhere to the principles and standards we have agreed on. To be more clear about my philosophy of leadership and to build a consensus around a common set of values. I need to share to others the dream of the future and ask “what can we learn?” when things don’t go as expected. Some ideas on how I can improve these practices more is to openly speak my thoughts. Through such, it will create a clearer philosophy of my leadership & I will ask ways of improvement more frequently. I could openly speak the values I have in compliance with the others to share that common interest along with sharing the future dream to accomplish. All of which involve speaking up, listening to others, and building a common goal or dream that could experience problems of which I must communicate more effectively about fixing.

LAS is such a beautiful, family built community we share on campus. I can further my leadership practices with these people easily and have no problem sharing my feedback with. The challenge is expanding to strangers, biological family members, sorority members, and my community back in St. Johns’. This will require me to communicate and speak up about the problems I witnessed and to clear up the confusion of my philosophy of leadership.


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