Guest Speaker


Bo Parker;

“Passionate about creativity, communication, & finding authentic happiness in the world. Embracing life, one moment at a time.”

Bo Parker came into our LDR 200L class to speak about our “WHY” statements. He started off by asking us to tell him our name and what we are involved in on campus. As we all went around the room laying out our involvements to this stranger, we didn’t realize that he just tricked us. What he was really looking for was WHY we were involved in these organizations. He continued his presentation about how we all focus on what we are involved in and not why we are. Why do we fill our plate so full everyday and stress ourselves out? Why did you become involved with this particular organization? It’s not like you are in high school anymore where your mom forced you to do it. You joined that organization for a reason and that passion is what drives everything. You didn’t join the organization for the title so start explaining why you joined it and not what it is. People are used to hearing the what and are more interested in why you did it.

Bo also showed us an inspiring video, a video he created himself, a video embodying 2 seconds of everyday for a year. He learned two lessons from this; big moments are worth living, not recording and that life is more than the sum of its parts. Although this has inspired me to create a two-second perspective video for one year myself, it also inspired to live in the moment. To put my phone down more and really listen to whoever is talking because you might miss out on a big opportunity or some wisdom. To live the moment and not just capture it because like Bo said, you disconnect yourself in that way. And this video is only a sketch of those moments and we could be missing out on a huge part that couldn’t fit in the two seconds.

Bo then inspired us to write down our mission montra, our passion, reasons why we get up everyday, our why statements. After much deliberation, I decided that my mission montra was to “Always believe something wonderful is about to happen.” This shows my positive view on life. How we should not dwell on the past and what has shaped us to be who we are today (although this is important) but to inspire to change today. To believe that your life will get better even when you feel like it’s not possible. The possibility of a better day ahead is through getting involved. The more I am involved, the greater chance of seeing someone else who is in that organization to brighten your day. The increased chances of having someone who will always be there for you or who will be your crying shoulder. This is why I get involved in so many things and the reason I’m okay with being overwhelmed. Something wonderful is about to happen and this something could be as little as seeing someone I haven’t seen in a while. Or getting that role in an organization you have worked so hard for. Everyday creates new opportunities and is a fresh start. Something wonderful will happen.


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