Leadership Lounge



“You don’t have to be superman to save the world.”

“Inside of you is where you find passion. You have to spend time reflecting on what matters.”

“Don’t settle for anything less than a passionate and fulfilling life.”

Vince Thurman began to explain his experiences that has brought him to find his passion. He was set on going into law out-of-state but had a man tell him to give him 10 minutes of his time to convince him otherwise. 20 minutes later, Vince was convinced to have a tour. On CMU and You Day, he fell in love with the positive “hello” and “fire up chips!” attitude that Chippewas possessed. He changed from majoring in law because he believed in being authentic. But one day in October, he said “hi” to 15 people and didn’t get one response on his way to the UC. Confused, he didn’t understand what happened to that spirit that made him feel alone now. He decided to make a sign that says “free hugs” and induce that optimistic feeling on campus. Although he didn’t get any hugs in the beginning, a girl came out of a class after failing a test and gave him one. He received thousands of hugs from then on! Being the introvert that he is, he knew this would get him to come out of his shell and create a positive view on life for others.

He expressed passion behind what he does. To find passion, you have to be comfortable with alone time. Being alone will inspire your own thoughts to guide you in the right direction. To find passion, you have to identify what matters. What are you really passionate about that is worth your time in life? And to find passion, you have to start testing waters. If you think you are passionate about something, do that thing for a week then stop the next week. Do you miss it? If you do, you are passionate about it. If you don’t, stop wasting your time with it and find something else you are passionate about.

This explains Vince’s view on leadership in a musically inclined way;


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