My 104.3 WCZY Winter Kids Expo




Hearing about this amazing volunteer opportunity with kids made my heart flutter. I just had an extremely stressful week of exams & knew I needed to get back to my passion, volunteering. Volunteering is not only a stress reliever especially with young smiling kids, but volunteering brings me back to how I grew up. Throughout high school, I volunteered and no matter where it was, it was with kids. But then I came to CMU and realized its with teenagers usually. So hearing about volunteering with games and activities we all experienced when we were the same age made me feel carefree and young again.

Running, screaming, smiling, curious, exploring kids filtered through the Finch Fieldhouse door on Saturday. With a few other sorority sisters volunteering, we got our game faces on and created a fun environment. I started off being a floater by fixing game pieces after the past kids destroyed it and flew the parachute as high and as low as possible. I finished off by painting kids faces with superman, tiger, shark, and flowers encompassing their faces.

Seeing the fun and imaginative young kids having fun encouraged me to let go and have fun. It was a great reminder to love life because it obviously has gone by quicker than I thought. I reminisced the times I ran underneath the parachute as quickly as possible to escape the rainbow, or when I had my face painted like a fairy or butterfly thinking I was unstoppable afterwards. I also realized just how much the little things can pass our thoughts and how we don’t realize what a little amount of our time can mean the world to another. 6 hours volunteering with these beautiful curious kids just made theirs and my weekend unforgettable. I couldn’t stop smiling for not one of them could either!


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