Alpha Leadership

Purple Minions


Alpha  is a valuable opportunity for emerging leaders who are ready to discover and strengthen their own leadership style. Alpha will give participants the knowledge and the learning experiences necessary to become an effective leader on campus and in life. It is a five-week program held every Thursday and have different sessions and activities to create a more well-developed leader.

Program goals:

  • Learn leadership skills in a fun and safe environment
  • Teach the principles of effective leadership
  • Utilize reflection as a learning tool
  • Create exposure to leadership theories, models, and styles
  • Introduce participants to facilitator’s who are role models and mentors
  • Develop a network of campus leaders
  • Prepare participants for future leadership endeavors

Due to complications with my sorority, I had to sadly miss the first session.

Session 2: (Flashback Thursday) Spirited leadership style, high assertiveness and high expressiveness. This means we like to take control, we like to show our emotions and form interpersonal relationships. Being a spirited leader provides the spark and spontaneous leader that a boring or tired group could need. We increase the group’s energy levels, rallies support, are spontaneous, and create a fun atmosphere. We also motivate others to develop a fresh, new approach to a situation or problem. We look at the bigger picture, are vision-oriented thinkers whoa re good at generating enthusiasm. To other leaders, we could be over-powering and they might think we are having more fun then learning. With our want to think of new ways to do things, we may encounter problems through making sure things are carried through completion. Our persuasive abilities may become manipulative, can lose sight of long-term goals. We are indecisive and over eager which can cause the lost of important details. We excel at the creative processes, multi-tasking,and prefer group discussion. But through Alpha, we learned that everyone has a different style and how to cooperate best with each style to avoid misconceptions.


Session 3: (Team Color) Challenges are important to keep your mind active and experiencing things outside of your control or comfort zone. Challenges are what define a leader and their behavior or reaction to the challenge. One of the hardest challenges we faced was the dino egg transportation. It took us MULTIPLE failures to discover a way to succeed. This challenged us to keep not only a positive view/aspect on the task at hand, but to keep trying and never give up. One of the other harder challenges for my group and myself was the ringing the bells on the board with only certain resources and without crossing the line. It a lot of teamwork, flexibility, and our creative minds to devise a plan that we can execute. We finally figured out how to put together the odds and ends of what looked like a kitchen massacre and successfully rang every bell. This created patience and the ability to listen to one another’s ideas to become a leader in this situation.


Session 4: (‘Murica) Learning the differences in cultures and their custom values/principles was the activity of the day. The split up of two different cultures, with different practices, language, and beliefs was challenging us to discover each others’ rules. If violated or disrespected, it was shown and made the other culture feel excluded. After the Alpha and Beta cultures reconnected and learned of each others cultures correctly and the views from the other side, striked a realization. To be a leader, it is important to understand and accept differences within a group. Although it may be frustrating or confusing, we must still respect and unify each others differences and backgrounds. A leader who can do so, will learn, become diverse, and know how to act when in such situations.



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