Glow Night!


“A group of visionaries, motivated by their own children and a collective enthusiasm for play-based education, came together to imagine a space for kids, families, and schools that is FUN and educational. These individuals visited countless children’s museums, surveyed hundreds of people, researched regions similar to the Central Michigan area, joined the Association of Children’s Museums, and consulted with local educators. Being convinced that this was the right thing to do for our Mid-Michigan region, they began their quest to open a children’s museum with a 6-county regional focus that will inspire children and families” –Mt. Pleasant Discovery Museum

My sorority was presented with the idea to volunteer at this new local museum for their 2nd annual Glow Night. We picked up chairs, tables, covered windows with black construction paper, hung up black lights, tied glow in the dark balloons up, and helped with anything else needed to set up for a glow in the dark evening. Although this task was harder than expected; as soon as we entered the barn/circus looking building, we were flabbergasted at how much we felt like a kid again. Once the 2 hours passed, we all wanted to stay and play in everything around us. No matter how old you get, you will always have a little kid inside of yourself wanting to come out and play.


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