John Bacon


In my LDR 200L LAS based class, we had a guest speaker on the day of March 19th. John Bacon spoke to our class about the 4 C’s of leadership with such enthusiasm and excitement. He is your average business man who wrote books, is a public speaker, hockey coach, and college instructor. Bacon mainly referenced his best seller book, Bo’s Lasting Lessons: The Legendary Coach Teaches the Timeless Fundamentals of Leadership.

The 4 C’s of Leadership:

1) Character is about being yourself because they will know you better than you know yourself. “Don’t try to fool your players” referring to his hockey team he coaches. Bo Schembechler cared about people and his legacy to the point of making an impact on Bacon when signing his name carefully unlike celebrities today. When Bacon was out of place and being a pest, Bo shimmered his hope with conversing and signing his program. It’s what you do when you think nobody’s watching or what he calls being “constantly on-stage.” You are being constantly watched and judged. Bacon stressed how we should start thinking about our funeral now and who is going to be there. If you want people to respect and remember you in a bright light, then be that person. You don’t want people to speak about you at your funeral about money and the power you posses, but the greater things in life you did.

2) Concern is listening before you leave a conversation. Ask the person you are talking to what their name is, repeat it throughout the conversation to show how much you truly care about them. Everyone cares about talking about themselves and are too carried away with thinking about what to say next, to focus on what the other person just said. I used to say I was terrible at remembering names while Bacon said that’s just being lazy. If you truly care, you will remember and practice someones name. Engage and listen before you lead because you cannot motivate anyone you don’t know like what motivates, thrills, and scares them. “Stop. Shut up. Lock in.”

3)  Communication is about criticizing someone to their face instead of behind their back. We have all been that gossiper to talk about someone behind their back and be mad at someone when they did the same thing back to you. Its a people problem, we need to talk in private with just that person or shut up. You lose trust, respect, and make them not want to work with you in the future. It just shows your true character and concern for someone when you don’t talk behind their back.

4) Caring is something you can figure out within 5 minutes of a conversation with someone, whether its about them or you. Bacon came into our class and continued his energy throughout the entire time. Having more energy when speaking with others is what we should work at since they will have half of your energy if you are lucky. “Fill your years with what you care about most because you don’t know how much time you have left. Don’t waste it.”


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