Before LAS Steps In Detroit


I cannot even begin to humble my excitement for this LAS trip to Detroit! When I first heard Detroit though, I thought sports, underprivileged, dangerous, crime filled, and poor. After watching a video in my LDR class about Detroit, all of my thoughts were proven true but false. There is a wall that divides the blacks from the whites back when segregation was a big deal in the U.S.; except it never escaped Detroit. The segregation of a wall, street division, blacks being denied their liberties, and whites fleeing the city with the increase in blacks is beyond disappointing to hear. The poverty and food deprivation that the kids and adults face is sickening.

First of all, I’ve never been to Detroit so this is already a new experience for me. Then, facilitating a group of teenagers on how to be the leaders and seeing them in action will provide me with great achievement.  To be able to inspire other people who have had very little education in leadership, and help them grow as leaders in a day is going to be so exciting to see. Also, demolishing a house and rebuilding the community’s appearance is going to be a new experience! To grow outside of the bubble I have always lived in (small town, rural loving home) and experience the real world outside of my comfort zone will be eye-opening. I am very excited to grow not only as an individual, but within my LAS cohort. Working with MUFI to help this almost different culture (city) with providing education, sustainability, and a brighter community to make the world truly a better place. Overall, bettering the community, gaining experience and facilitation, and stepping outside of my comfort zone is going to be really eye-opening.


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