Started From The Bottom


This year has been the wildest, funniest, best year of my life! But there are many faults that occurred as well that showed me my true strength. We all say we are this or have this ability or believe that when really its just all in our heads. I used to say I was a leader, a caring, helpful, loving, studious, and positive person. It wasn’t until this year that I didn’t really embody these traits. I was a micro-leader, taking on smaller leadership roles and thinking I knew what leadership is/requires from someone. I thought I was a very caring, helpful person through each problematic situation I experienced. I thought I was a loving person and lovable in return through my charismatic personality. Thinking I was studious and an honorable student. Thought I was an optimist in everything…

In no way did I lose any of these traits though…I grew and established these to an exponential rate. I think I will be majoring in exercise science and double minoring in leadership and psychology in hopes of graduating and attending nursing school after CMU to have two degrees. I have received the LAS scholarship where I live in a cohort of 40 other recipients who have became my closest friends! I have a mentor who has became a sister to me! I joined Sigma Sigma Sigma where I hold the leadership chair position and arc degree assistant (helped 11 new Sigmas learn about our secrets and values). I have an amazing family tree and will be adding a little next semester! I attended Alpha leadership where I found my leadership style. I now have two mentees through my LAS scholarship program which I will help them with the transition into college. I have been trained & ready to welcome 2,000 other freshman students to CMU through Leadership Safari where I am a guide! I have just received the Sparrow Whyman Scholarship which would be a big help with paying for books and tuition. I am a delegate for 4-H State Awards for Leadership which I will stay at MSU for 3 days and be interviewed to hopefully win overall. I will be taking 7 credits over the summer at LCC, raising my pigs for the 4-H fair, and hopefully having a full time job at NCG again. I have crossed running in a Color Run and crashing a high school’s prom off my bucketlist this year too. I am attending Leadershape right after we get out of school for a week and can not wait to see how I will grow and change from that experience. After every role I achieved and worked so hard at, I truly have a stronger definition of leadership. Applying, interviewing, and carrying a continuous role through each of these experiences showed me my true strength and ability to be a leader. I’ve stepped up and taken on bigger roles than I ever imagined possible. Through these, I learned my weaknesses can be my strongest attributes to others. Through the social change model, my development in self-knowledge and leadership competence became stronger than before. I’ve noticed how my choices can affect others around me and it’s up to me to make a positive change.

The transition into college with what I thought was going to be rainbows and butterflies with my leadership class turned aery within the first semester. Tensions became high between multiple people and caused me to break down. I went through a period of wondering if I made the right decision. I just lost who I thought was my love at the time, felt like people were making judgements before getting to know me, and that I didn’t belong in this community. After I faced all of these problems and established who I really am, things got brighter and happier then ever. I felt on top of the world with my new positions and established a self-belonging in these involvements and realized not everything is going to be easy. I have found my closest friends and sisters that I don’t know where I would be without them. The wisdom and knowledge that I gained is indescribable and I am beyond grateful for.

Excelling in school since I was born was never a question. I studied for every quiz or test, I did my homework before it was due and turned it in on time, and I did extra credit whenever it was given. I had the best grades out of all of my siblings and never got below a 3.5. But, after my procrastination progressively got worse and my social life doubled in importance, I realized just how many late nights I was going to endure and how much my grades were going to suffer a little more. I still study and go to class everyday, I just wait until the night before to finish homework or to start on a project. I do extra credit if I feel up to it or am in dire need now instead of doing it no matter what. My priorities have definitely changed and will need to change back to how they were before college.

I always believed that I kept an optimistic view on everything I could have control over. I still am pretty optimistic and positive, but I have realized just how much things can get to me. I get attached to people easily, I get attached to things quickly, and I believe with hard work comes reward. I think that through every battle we are presented, we are being tested on how we react. If we believe everything happens for a reason and to just do the best you can with what you have, you will achieve that optimistic and happy life. There’s no reason to dwell on the past or unchangeable aspects in our lives. I believe in the servant leadership theory by sharing power, putting others needs first, and helping others develop to perform to the best of their ability. Having this optimistic and helpful view on being a leader influences others to carry such positivity.

Through it all, I’ve experienced many highs and lows and realized my past oblivious views. I’ve accomplished many new and challenging aspects to life and have noticed the amazing reward to follow. I may have some bad days but I learn from those and try to be happy about what opportunities I am given in life. I love the involvements I used to be involved in, the things I’m in now, and the future involvements to come!


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