Ganiard Elementary Carnival


“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others” – Gandhi

Opportunities are presented to us everyday and you have a choice whether to attend it or not. If you attend this opportunity, you will give others happiness and yourself a self-satisfaction for helping others. If you don’t attend, you are letting people down who could really use your help. If I was to of chose to miss this opportunity, I would of let the kids, parents, and coordinator of the event without help. The amount of times Julie Montross (Volunteer Coordinator) expressed how thankful she was for our help along with the amount of thank you’s after each painted face left my station, I realized how much of an impact I made on this event. I spent 4 hours painting hundreds of kids faces with mostly mustaches, a few Olaf’s (the snowman from Frozen), and many flowers. Every child loved my ameatur paintings on their skin and some came back for a second round!

Volunteering is such a small thing to do with a huge impact afterwards. The smiles, the gratefulness, and happiness of everyone involved is not only inspiring but is a snowfall effect. Once you volunteer for the first time, you will never want to stop volunteering. Your service could really impact and help someone in need. It could be a big job or a small job, but putting forth the effort to change someone’s day is going to inspire others to volunteer.


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