A mentor is someone who will help the inexperienced become experienced with welcoming hands, listening ears, and advice giving words. I want to go above and beyond these miniscule things and be like my mentor, more of an older sister. I want to of course help the transition into becoming a freshman at CMU less stressful and scary, but I plan on being that close friend they could go to to act silly around, could cry with, or just watch Netflix and eat every unhealthy food imaginable. I plan on hanging out with my mentees, yes thats right, plural, meaning I HAVE TWO MENTEES (#CRAZY), over the summer to get to know them. I hope there is a day I could all of us together to get to know each other and bond before meeting everyone else.

The thing I am beyond excited for when becoming a mentor is being like their wing-man (no, not like finding them their significant other but that could of course happen). Being the one they go to in times of need, showing them around campus, helping them with time-management, helping them with their classes, or just being that listening ear. After being the middle child, I have seen what it is like to be helped and being the one helping. It is going to be nice to have them actually want to have my help though unlike my younger brother. I’ve always wanted to be that older sibling figure who they can trust and look forward to being around. I’ve learned to be outgoing and carefree in this short life we live. I’ve learned to listen to others and help them grow as leaders or as a person. I want to be that go-to person!

I’ve been preparing to become a mentor this whole year after being a mentee and watching how the older classmen care for their mentees. I have lived the busy life and know how to time manage to make sure my mentees gets the best experience from me as possible. I have always been an advice giver even when I don’t listen to my own advice. I know the campus fairly well and I really will know it more after Leadership Safari. Being there for them during that week too will be extremely beneficial to both of us.

The greatest thing to remember is I have my family tree to support and help and they have these amazing people to go to also.



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