A Little Nugget Of Advice


We were proposed the chance to answer questions from a high school leadership class from Suttons Bay, that will be visiting Central’s campus on Monday, April 28th. I thought this would be the perfect chance to test my knowledge and skills for when my mentees will arrive here with roughly the same questions. I volunteered to take the opportunity to share tips about how to be a successful college student with these seniors. 5 students (counting me) of the LAS class showed up to share a little nugget of advice. We told them how to deal with long nights and early mornings with little sleep in college (by taking naps whenever they have the chance). We also provided information about what LAS has to offer and the opportunities we have embarked on so far. I included the great people and volunteer opportunities that comes with being involved in Greek life. The overall advice we implied and repeatedly told them was to get involved! College flies by and getting involved will help you meet so many people, take on leadership roles you haven’t taken on, to meet as many people in your classes as possible because they could end up being your best friend, and to volunteer.

This was a great way to prepare for the upcoming questions that my mentees may ask. It was a great way to show the high school seniors how much studying and work college is, but also how enjoyable and exciting it will be. We told them the risks of how easy it can be to fall behind and how important it is to stay on top of your school work. But we didn’t forget to imply how amazing college can be if you put your name and foot out there to make an impact on a campus! I will forever be grateful for choosing CMU and could never see myself fitting in anywhere else! FIRE UP CHIPS and I can’t wait to welcome my two wonderful mentees to college!!


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