Sturgis High School Facilitation


I have been through hundreds of facilitation opportunities through high school and college but nothing like this. I am so blessed to of been given the opportunity to facilitate leadership and team building activities to juniors and seniors at Sturgis High School who are viewed as the leaders of their school. The next day (which was the most rewarding part for me), I was able to see these leaders who just learned how to facilitate and debrief to then facilitate the next day to incoming freshman. It was powerful to see them facilitate the activities because they all have such great potential to become an amazing leader someday.

Our first adventure was to Chicago which was my first time seeing this down-sized New York replica. We were able to visit the famous bean, face statues, see Oprah’s house, and were able to walk the streets. The long car rides and new faces in our group gave us a chance to bond. This was an extra little fun adventure we did that I will cherish forever.

The next day, we were given a group of about 11 juniors and seniors to facilitate the leadership and team bonding activities to. We came up with our group name, The Avengers, and our group chant, “Avengers Assemble!”. I was very flustered at first because what we were going to teach them was going to be reciprocated the next day and hopefully it will be done right. My group was quiet with only a few people who really stepped up. As the day progressed, they became very lively and an unified group! I also wanted to lead the “crossing the line” activity which is suppose to be taken very seriously. After I read a statement (for instance, “stepped forward if you have ever stolen anything”), they would become vulnerable and cross the line for everyone to see. This was a huge chance for the juniors and seniors to see everyone show their integrity and honesty. The debrief is the most important and hardest part for me which is why I wanted to facilitate this activity. Thankfully, they were able to see the deeper points and take what they learned from this activity into their everyday life.

The next day, the leaders welcomed the incoming freshman into the school with enthusiasm and support. I volunteered to facilitate a power rangers energizer for the leaders then the roller coaster energizer for everyone which was definitely outside of my comfort zone. I have never spoke in front of so many strangers and especially on a microphone. The most impactful thing was seeing the leaders group up with the freshman to facilitate the activities. Seeing my group and other groups step up and lead a group as the freshman’s first view of high school was empowering.

I was able to step outside of my comfort zone while helping others step outside of theirs. Looking back to when I was in high school, I would be a fish out of water when it came to facilitating something I just learned to other students. Especially stepping in front of hundreds of people to lead activities because I used to be a shy high school student. The most rewarding experience was seeing these students become the leaders of today, not tomorrow.

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