Getting Involved

Getting involved is the number one thing I vouch to people repeatedly.  One way to be involved and bond with fellow CMU students is through IM leagues. My freshman year I was involved in a CO-ED flag football team that was reserve champions and IM team of the week. I had no idea who any of these people were until I joined the team and immediately bonded through the sport.I instantly fell in love with something I have never done in my life but not just that, I had fell in love with being involved.


I took a little time off of the sports to focus on my studies but didn’t completely detach myself from this dimension of CMU. I supported Tri Sigma during soccer season on the sidelines, some other flag football and soccer teams, and the SOMI soccer game. Receiving support when you are on the field and knowing your sisters or teammates have your back is an outstanding feeling. I knew I had to reciprocate this in my “off season” as much as I could! Seeing others work hard and smile makes my heart happy:) After trying something I have never done before, I wanted to try another sport outside of my comfort zone. Volleyball for my sorority was something new not only to greeks but to myself. Stepping onto the court and once again winning reserve champions with my sisters was an amazing feeling. The support and emotions we felt from each other created a new building block for me in the chapter.


Getting involved as part of the team or just cheering on the sidelines is a great way to meet new people, create strong bonds, and best of all, have fun. As my career in CMU continues on, I am planning on joining more teams in the future!



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