Winn’s Elementary


“One of our biggest events throughout the school year is our annual Winn Fall Festival. This is our one and only fundraiser coordinated by our Parents’ Club. Our parents and community members incorporate fun activities for children as well as adults. The activities include a silent auction, classroom projects, carnival games, hayrides, and raffle etc. The entire community and surrounding area turn out for the event and is fun for the entire family.” –Winn Elementary

One of my favorite things to do is volunteer with my sorority sisters at new places doing new things. I got this chance on October 3rd from 4-8pm in what looked like an abandoned barn. As we proceeded to enter, we could hear the hundreds of kids laughing, screaming, and winning little trinkets and candy. Some were in Halloween costumes and some were holding bags full of prizes and covered in face painting. There was homemade Minute to Win It games lining the walls, cake walks, even a couple games from The Price Is Right. I was given the opportunity to lead a game from the game show, Minute to Win It. There was this big wooden door and about 30 random keys of which only 2 worked. With only 60 seconds on the clock, they had to go through and try to find the 2 keys that opened the door to the candy on the other side. This game is mostly luck but there was a little skill. It was up to the kid to find the perfect system of picking a key, turn it in the lock, and putting it into the extra bucket given to make sure they didn’t keep reusing keys. A key part (pun intended) was not getting too caught up in thinking a key will work and continually trying to turn it back and forth. That was where most kids lost the most amount of time.

This game created a fun way to test not only how to use a key, but how to create a system within seconds to complete the task. Not to get this game mixed up with teaching kids how to break in but how to recognize their mistakes and accomplishes.


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