Special Olympics Project Unify


On November 12th from 7am-4pm in Detroit, MI, I volunteered to be a facilitator for Special Olympics to get more experience in the Therapeutic Recreation field for my major. Once entering the gym, the vibe and excited emotions radiated off each smile in the room which made my day that much happier. I am so blessed to have been given this opportunity because I can definitely tell that I chose the right major. Every kid wanted to talk and meet me, they were curious and interested in the activities. Some were shy, and some were outrageous! This made my job extra interesting to not only work with some kids with disabilities and some without, but the variety of personalities. My Team Swan group consisted of 10 members from the Dixon School. Every activity and every time we had the chance to talk, they were fully motivated to be involved. My favorite part was the gauntlet and conga line we made with our specific school. I had a couple shy kids tell me how much they enjoyed that activity. I also had the teacher tell me that I was working really well with my group especially since more of them had disabilities than not.


If I could have the chance to do this again, I will without a doubt jump first chance. The kids taught me so much about myself and so much about themselves. I learned to not treat anyone any differently based on their comfort or ability level. To make sure everyone felt included and involved in the activity at hand was my number one goal. To make sure they felt inspired to help one another and be the partner/friend to everyone. It was very inspiring and a loving environment!


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