InterVarsity Greek Conference


Since 1991, Greek InterVarsity has hosted Greek Conferences across the country. Every year fraternity and sorority students from all over get together to grow and explore how Greek and Christian fit together.

There is something here for everyone, whether it’s exploring faith, learning to lead ministry in your chapter, investigating what comes after graduation, or simply having meaningful conversations with other Greeks.

Let’s back up a little here…

As my little red head booty made it to church every Sunday routinely, my siblings and I always never cared much for it. It felt like a chore. I was baptized around the early teens where I remember vividly walking up on stage where our mini pool was found under the floor covering and walking down those lukewarm steps. My white dress slowly became soaked as my minister, Bill, prayed & lowered me into the liquid. I cupped my hands into a praying position and opened my eyes as soon as I was under looking upwards. Now me and water don’t get along when it comes to opening my eyes and not plugging my nose; but strangely, neither was even a thought as I felt connected with God in that moment. Still gives me chills just thinking about it as He continues to show signs of His presence in my life.

But I didn’t realize this until I went to Greek IV;

My first impression of this conference was beautiful, awkward, and curious as all these random Greeks from all over the country gathered in this room to sing and raise their hands. Growing up in a small town Church singing old music to the sound of piano compared to this 300+ capacity room singing contemporary hymns to a band with young people was awkward. But it was beautiful as they all rejoiced and raised their hands as if God could reach them right there. After a couple songs, an Alpha Chi Omega alum gave her speech about her experiences with Greek and Christianity. She brought up how now is the time to chose and direct your path in the direction you want to see yourself 25 years from now. That it’s about speaking up about your beliefs and following through with your actions.


My concentration session ‘Connect’, was about how “following Jesus is a lifelong journey that comes with highs and lows. If you are just beginning the journey, feeling lost along the way or are looking for practical help to grow in your faith, the Connect concentration is a good place for you. Connect is a concentration that gives you the opportunity to connect with God in a new and fresh way, and opens up the discussion of God’s role in our life.” It was brought up by the speaker that following Jesus should be like the game ‘follow the leader’. Like the game, to be a faithful Christian as most say they are, you need to do as Jesus tells you so. But instead, people fall into sins and lust showing they aren’t a true follower. It is a hard path to follow, but He is worth it. As He said ‘feed the poor’ then you shall feed the poor. As He said ‘love your enemies’ then you shall love them. We need to trust Jesus as He has something planned and gives us life; it’s not up to us to make it (which goes strongly with my belief of everything happens for a reason). We are more blessed then to give which also follows strongly with our Sigma saying “to receive much, you must give much”.


We were asked to take one risk this weekend. I chose to do the ‘prayer room’ where they had people fly in just to sit there and pray for anyone who seeks such. I had a woman and a man ask me what I wanted them to pray about for me. I told them that there wasn’t anything specific but just a general prayer would be appreciated. They said that they could see my love to dance and how He wants me to keep dancing. They wanted me to keep radiating my bubbly personality and life outward to others as it makes Him happy. To love, explore, accept and be free as my worries and stress was prayed upon to be vanquished. They said I had a heart full of gold that was fierce and fearful. By the end of the prayer, I found myself in tears as these strangers said so many wonderful things to help me.


Overall, this Indianapolis weekend of February 13th-15th was spent with my Sigma sisters. I became close to my big especially as she was the one who pushed me to go. I am forever thankful as I know feel extremely closer and more loving after this weekend. I now believe in Jesus more then I ever have before and wish to get more involved with ‘Happy Hour’ and ‘Sigma Circle’ in and out of the chapter.



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