Season 8: Ep. 9

Grey’s Anatomy; a series of healthcare drama that is informative, imaginative, and passionate. I’ve fallen in love with this drama series. I’ve cried about the character’s deaths and downfalls, I’ve celebrated with their victories, & sometimes I feel as though I can do what I’ve seen them do. Sad I know. It’s my guilty Netflix addiction. But it’s more then that.

Season 8, Episode 9 was about a “bad day”. We all have said we’ve had a bad day if we embarrassed ourselves, did bad on a test, or whatever little thing came up. But did you really? Did you have someone or someone close to you lose their life? Did you lose your lifelong dreams? Did you really feel like your life was slipping between your hands? I’m not one to talk as I have done this many times myself, but after watching this episode, it has changed my perspective. Take the little things as a lesson and move on. Enjoy the stumbles in life and laugh about it. Your bad day is someone’s best day.


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