Alpha Leadership

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As my alpha facilitation weeks dwindled, and my time spent with my amarillo armadillos came to a near close, I’ve realized something; I don’t want this to end. After being a participant, I knew I wanted to become more involved with this program.

So I applied and was accepted to be a Spring 2015 facilitator! It was so much fun to bond and get to know my co-facilitator, Emily, after being in the same group as participants! Our group was very energized and helpful to each other but we also had the quiet ones. Throughout the weeks, I saw them continue to grow as a group and as individuals. The ones who were talkative figured out how to let others lead. The ones who were quiet were still quiet, but pushed to speak up every now and again. Both becoming stronger and more well-equipped leaders. Quiet or not, they were able to communicate and work together as a team to accomplish almost every task. The debriefs were sometimes difficult, but we were able to reach that end realization we always strived for.

After this experience, I know I want to apply as a co-coordinator to continue growing as a leader in myself, in others, and in Alpha. I have learned so much from being a participant and a facilitator that I can only wait and hope to see what I can learn from being a coordinator. My happiness can only extend and wait to apply to hear if I can continue my leadership abilities.


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