noun: rejection; plural noun: rejections
  1. the dismissing or refusing of a proposal, idea, etc.

Rejection hurts. A lot. We have all been rejected by something at least once in our life. It makes you feel that you’re not good enough, you don’t deserve it, you are on the bottom of the food chain, others are better than you. Rejection makes people not even want to try or apply because of this fear of being rejected.

But from being rejected from many jobs or opportunities, I have learned from them; my mistakes, what I need to improve on, what I should do next time, etc etc. More importantly, I have found a new way of thinking…everything happens for a reason. I’ve realized that God has bigger plans in store for me.

I applied to be a Gamma Chi for formal recruitment next year and LeaderShape Challenge Coordinator around the same time…both of which I was rejected from. Although I was disappointed in myself, I took it as a chance to try other leadership opportunities.

When I applied for Academic Orientation Mentor, got the interview/commercial and didn’t get it; I was extremely disappointed. I was disappointed in myself and my ‘performance’. I went to the follow-up to hear what I did wrong and what I can fix for next time because I refuse to give up on such an amazing opportunity. I found out that these little things I said or didn’t do kept me from achieving such an opportunity. Although heart breaking, I’ve realized that maybe this means I should do L-Camp first and then try again (more experience in leadership roles and an opportunity to do another thing I haven’t done).

About a week later, I got the email explaining if I got the L-Camp position or not; only to find I was picked to be an alternate. Although this means I MIGHT have a shot of this volunteer/facilitator opportunity, it also means I don’t. I was going to just not respond to the email and be considered out until I talked to a past L-Camp facilitator. I’ve realized that going to the trainings with all the past and new facilitators would continue to grow my leadership skills and abilities. You can never know everything about leadership and can only learn from these trainings. So I accepted the alternate position just in time and will be participating in the hours and days of training for my own improvement.

Now I didn’t make this post for empathy, I made this post for myself and others. It was a wake up call that I don’t know everything. It was a wake up call that because I have got something that 100’s-1,000’s of others didn’t before, doesn’t mean that when my odds are better, I will automatically get it. It shows me that I have to continue to learn and grow from my past and my mistakes. It’s a wake up call to others to realize that these same rejections can happen to you too if you don’t put you’re full heart and soul into the application and interview, and experiences to back up your knowledge/chances. And to remember, everything happens for a reason.


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