LAS in the D 2.0


After meetings of planning, going to the LDR 200 class to inform the freshman class, and traveling down to Detroit for my Lead Team on March 27th; I was able to see my Mint team’s success. They excelled in the Jalen Rose Academy activities and truly became like a family to one another. They hit a couple bumps in the road, but I could already see potential growth and learning from each other especially during our debrief of the day.

I also got to see my own growth as I looked back to last year on our freshman LAS in the D trip. To see myself taking the leadership roles of my own group to help and support during the time, and to lead the thunderstorm on stage, I couldn’t see myself doing so a year ago. If anyone had any questions about the logistics, schedule, or little details; I was able to answer most and help them enjoy this trip as much as possible.

After exploring Ford Field, home of the Lions, I fell in love with the city a little more. It was my first time inside of the stadium and of course on the field itself. Afterwards, we were waiting for our bus and we saw CMU alum eating, drinking, waving their money around, and constantly waving at our group. After our FIRE UP CHIPS chant, we went not even 10 steps behind us to a homeless man with a flute and a saxophone. We all crowded around him, singing and donating money making him feel a little happiness in his life. Some of us pointed out in amazement of how weird that part of our day was. We were in the middle of two completely different ends of the spectrum: wealthy, graduated, well dressed, catered for, surrounded by family…and a man sitting on a box, starving, broke, doing anything he can for chump change compared to the CMU alum. The fact that these people were just waving around their food, drinks, and wealth infront of this man was very eye-opening and sad.

Working with Motor City Blight Busters, I was able to see another organizations “grass roots” and growth they have made in the city. They truly cared about making a difference in a once low-state-of-mind city, and bring potential. They are involved in fixing broken down/abandoned houses, building gardens, and creating places for events or inspiration for others. When we spent our Saturday morning service there, they were very energized and excited to have our 60-some amount of hands put to work. They gave us all tools to spread multiple piles of mulch over ferns and the ground for the morning. With their encouragement and extra little hands helping, it was a very positive environment for us.


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