Leadership Safari 2k15


One of the coolest things about training before Safari started was watching this video on “This is Water”. It touched on all the aspects of the world on how we go day by day, hour by hour, sometimes wishing the day to be over when we should be enjoying this blessing of the day arriving.

For the actual week of Safari, I had the greatest group there was ever to live. They participated, they listened (sometimes) and cared about learning what I was teaching them. I had all mixes of personalities; the quiet, the outgoing, the smart, the learning, and everything inbetween. My group really clicked throughout the process and I got the respect as a guide compared to last year too. This group influenced my love with Safari further and now I have interviewed and will be a Ranger Guide for next year! I am actually reviewing MANY applications over this Thanksgiving break and will be in part of choosing through training who will be the guides next year. I cannot wait to watch the Asia Project again, listen to new speakers, and touch on new students’ lifes.

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