Presidential Election

I’m not a huge political person but I have heard & seen these stories so many times & feel it’s time to hop on a soapbox.

I don’t want to live in a world where we are backtracking to the scary generations of hatred & bullying of people’s differences. The United States is full of different opinions, races, & beliefs that Trump will want nothing but his opinions to be of choice. I am completely petrified of our future if Trump becomes President. I’ve only heard one good thing about him & that is involving money which to me just sounds like greedy people. There’s more to being a President than money problems & I think people need to realize this.

The fact that I’m not even a Democrat but I’m voting as a Democrat because Bernie is the best choice is scary in its own sense. I don’t agree with everything Bernie says, but that’s why there are checks & balances. If you haven’t looked into Bernie because you are a Republican, I would say put your previous political views behind you & look into the Democratic view a little more. I’m not saying vote for Bernie, but I am saying don’t vote for Trump.


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