I still remember when it was Spring Break & I quickly drove home in a panic thinking our pig was in labor. Come to find, she wasn’t even close to giving birth and it was just some piglets kicking in her belly. My family constantly watched her from there on out & I continued to drive home every weekend expecting their birth. Still nothing. Now this was the first time we have ever had a pregnant pig on our farm as we usually buy our pigs from a nearby farm for the fair (so we weren’t sure what to expect).

Some signs of pregnancy:

  • The gestation period for a female pig is 3 months, 3 weeks, 3 days.
  • Her teats will get bigger and even start lactating.

But since this was a natural pregnancy as the insemination didn’t work back in Novemeber when we tried, we weren’t sure when exactly she became pregnant. So we went to game plan B and instead had my brothers girlfriends pig helped with the natural pregnancy. We kept them separate after we figured the deed happen because the male can become overly protective and end up doing more harm than good. My family even made guesses on liter size, sex, date, and time; and as stated before, we were WAY off.
As of this morning though (April 11th, 2016) we had our first birth on the June Farm ever! Starting at 3am, the first landrace pig was born. Every half hour after, another pig was born (cross breeds and landrace) until about 8am. These 13 wonders were brought into the world being the cutest pigs I have ever seen! Now 13 is a huge liter size especially compared to the average liter size for a first pregnancy of anywhere from 1-12 (with the usual death of a couple). Luckily, we were blessed with all 13 healthy piglets.

For those who are new to giving birth to piglets:

  1. Have a farrowing box with a heat lamp set up for her piglets to keep them warm.
  2. Clean them up yourselves as the mother allows since they usually don’t clean them up well themselves.
  3. May need to feed them milk manually if they seem to not being nutritionally efficient from mother.
  4. Beware of overprotective mother. She may not let you even in the area especially during birth.
  5. Love those babies like they are your own and take thousands of pictures and videos because they are that cute!




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