Leadership Camp 2016

Leadership Camp begins with the process of picking two coordinators (these are two people who have been a facilitator for two years), picking the returning facilitators, and finding the new ones. Leadership Camp thrives on diversity to bring in different and new views to the program and I feel this year, unlike any others, really succeeded in that. The group of facilitators this year came from all areas of the campus and backgrounds that really made this camp special. We all went through hundreds of hours of training throughout the school year and two weeks before the camp to prepare these high school students for hopefully a life changing experience. And maybe not even life changing, but touching on student to believe they do have the power to make change and following through with it. There is two camps for three days each that take place at CMU during the month of May. This camp is to challenge juniors and seniors to think outside of the box, to be leaders, and to live out the Social Change Model Of Leadership with its 7 C’s. The 7 C’s are consciousness of self and others, congruence, commitment, controversy with civility, common purpose, collaboration, and citizenship. These all combine to show how to make change in the world through your self and values, with the group, and for the society.

“You are my good corn” is the phrase that comes to mind when I think about the facilitators I have met this year & the way they have challenged my beliefs and values (for the better). They have taught me everything from gender pronouns, to sympathy vs empathy, to the environment. These humans are my good corn because they bring me up and educate me to be a better person everyday. There is a story Kim says at the end of each camp and its regarding this farmer who pays much more for the better seed and just gives it to his neighbors. They wonder why he’s “wasting” his money and giving away expensive seeds. The farmer does it because he wants to surround his corn with good corn so they don’t bring him down through pollution. So just as humans, we need to surround ourselves with the good people so we will continue to do good. And these facilitators are my good corn.


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