Special Olympics Fall Games 2016

This is my first time volunteering in Fall Games and my first time on Medical Staff so I couldn’t be more excited for this opportunity. I had to miss recruitment back in Mount Pleasant but it was so worth it to work with these athletes for two days in Ypsilanti, Michigan.

On Friday morning, I volunteered with Young Athletes outside of the Marriott Hotel for my first time. These 2-7 year olds stole my heart as they played games, went from station to station to participate in different sports, and played with the giant rainbow parachute. They all got medals and snacks to take home. These adorable kids had more smiles and laughter then anyone I have ever met.

That night, we went to Opening Ceremonies which was my first start as a Medical Volunteer Staff. I went through multiple trainings and certifications to be one so I couldn’t wait to finally get the experience with SOMI. I got to see all of Area 7 athletes that I have grown so close too which made it that much better. I got to hug and dance with all of them which made the night perfect.

On Saturday morning, I volunteered with Softball from 8am-5pm as a medical volunteer. I got to help pop a shoulder back in, helped a girl with her seizure, wrap multiple ankles-shoulders-and knees, help do ROM with a woman after getting hit, and repair multiple scrapes and bloody skin areas. It was such an eye opening experience unlike any other that I am ready to volunteer again but as a medical staff!



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