Change is good?

This numb feeling, the feeling of no hope and your life coming to a sudden hault. This was the feeling I got when I finally got that email I’ve been waiting for all four years of college.

For quite some time now, I thought Occupational Therapy was my calling. I knew helping people especially through this career path was the right way to go. For years, for many holidays, to many people, I told them I was going to be an Occupational Therapist. I had my mind and heart set on it. I switched my job so I was interworking with OT’s, I had my grad school application made up and updated since sophomore year, I even was planning on getting an apartment in GVSU. I was told many times “they’d be crazy not to take you, how could they deny you, you have this in the bag, etc”. Well, I’m not sure what is worse, letting all those people down or letting myself down.

I got that email saying I did not get accepted into the GVSU OT Masters Program and I was devastated, numb. I felt like my purpose in life was shattered and all of a sudden I didn’t know what to do anymore. I don’t have plans after graduation now, I don’t have a future ahead of me. Now what? When all of your plans get ripped apart, you don’t know what to do anymore…

So I’m writing this not because I want anyone’s sympathy but because I want everyone to know that your life may present a different path for you than what you had planned. You may think you have it in the bag, but you might not. Make sure you apply to multiple places, don’t put all of your eggs in one basket even if it is your dream school. Make sure you double check all your paperwork, follow up with your recommendations to make sure they were completed and turned in, double check you have all your info correct and completed too.

Now what’s in my future? Who knows, life is changing and I’m just trying to live it to see where it will take me…


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