My 21st Year

Turning 21 years old is such a beautiful thing for any person as they start to become a legal adult and having more privileges. You start to figure out who you are, what you love, what is your strengths, and what are your passions. You start to realize your need for growth, the places you haven’t been, and the things you haven’t done. This starts to become almost like a bucket list but more attainable than a bucket list. Something that you not only are working on doing but realizing you are actually going to do.

Something I’ve always wanted to do is create a video 365 since freshman year, a one second video snapshot of your day, everyday for a year. Doing a video 365 was vital as I have the worst memory and forget all the little fun things I did, so taking a one second video to reflect on for years became really special for me. I also chose to do it during the year I turned 21 to 22 years old because it was during my junior year to senior year, the years I figured would be the most meaningful to me. Which it was. I found the person I love the most, I went on my biggest travelling adventures, I found who my true friends are, and I enjoyed life. So I hope you enjoy this snippet of my life, the time I loved. (click on the link on the words video 365 to view the video)


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