Reflecting on 2017

2017 has been such a wonderful year to me. I have done things, seen things, been places, and accomplished life long goals. I finally fulfilled my 2017 resolution of working out more and eating right by meal planning and it made a huge difference on my body and self-perspective. Along with continuing this, I want to run a half marathon and start weight lifting more. I’ve lost 15 pounds before the new year begins and I just need to keep it off and tone up. I want to take care of my grandpa through his new found cancer diagnoses. I want to pay off my loans. I want to spend as much time with family. And I want to travel to new and more places! To put it in full perspective and to jump on the band wagon, I am going to reflect on 2017 month-by-month. After a year like this, I am looking forward to 2018!


January: For the first time, I created a new years resolution dream board with a friend. Although I didn’t fulfill every resolution, I did seem to try harder and keep my focus on my goals better. We celebrated Sean’s birthday and ice skated for LAS on Ice. I welcomed high school seniors to (my fourth and last) LAS Competition Day which was an overwhelming experience. And I finally checked going to a Redwings game off my bucket list against the Boston Bruins with some friends.


February: Volunteering at Special Olympics Winter Games for a week in Traverse city was everything and more. Seeing the Price is Right live game show was very exciting and a dream of mine as it is my favorite show to watch everyday, (except weekends)! I raised money and jumped in a freezing cold pool for Special Olympics Polar Plunge. And I ran and finished a 10k which has been on my bucket list for years.


March: Volunteering for Global Brigades in Nicaragua providing healthcare, building latrines for multiple families, and digging a trench for a water system to surrounding communities meant the world to me. I have never felt more humble and helpful in something I am so passionate about.

April: I came to terms with giving up “my dreams” of becoming an Occupational Therapist and to love my major more, Clinical Exercise Science as an Exercise Physiologist. I attended the Tigers Opening Day game for the first time ever. Adopted my first puppy from a humane shelter, New Hope Pet Rescue. She was found on the streets in Flint and I fell in love with her beautiful self. I attended a DNCE concert, my first concert in years (which was Hunter Hayes back in high school). We enjoyed our LAS graduation ceremony and we celebrated Easter!

May: Sean and I went on a road trip through Niagara Falls to Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Our first of many road trips since Sean hates flying! I enjoyed a pool party/cookout with my best friend at her friends house. And I began my summer internship with Sparrow Hospital in Lansing with the Thoracic & Cardiovascular Institute.

June: I attended a wedding, the first in a long time. We went camping in Sleepy Hollow, one of my family’s favorites! But I spent most of this month at my internship with Sparrow.

July: Attended my second concert of the year, Common Ground (with Alesia Cara, AJR, James Arthur, and other artists). We went blueberry picking at Uncle Johns Cider Mill which I have never done either…even though I only live 20 minutes away. I finished my summer internship and presented in front of the my boss and people I looked up to all summer.

August: Attended my third concert of the year with some high school friends, LeeAnn and Cassie, for Brad Paisley, Dustin Lynch, Chase Bryant and more. Experienced a professional photoshoot with Sean to help a friend with her portfolio. Also attended a second wedding, a friend of Seans’.

September: Attended many Michigan college football games! And landed my first job with Michigan Medicine with the Central Remote Monitoring department under Nursing and Cardiology.

October: I went to my first homecoming game as a Central Alumni. I carved pumpkins for the first time in a long time along with doing a couples costume as Fred and Wilma Flintstone. Attended more Michigan college football games! Sean and I also celebrated our first year anniversary of dating:)

November: Experienced a second professional photoshoot with Sean as a prize giveaway I won on Facebook. Attended a Michigan football game for my parents first Michigan game even though it hailed like crazy that game! I did something out of my comfort zone and got my hair cut with bangs. Attended Silver Bells for the first time ever, yes I should of went before since it is also only a 20 minute drive. Received free tickets to a MSU college football game and went with my parents to that freezing wet game. And we celebrated Thanksgiving:)

December: I went to my cousins wedding who I haven’t seen in years. Explored Chicago for my second year with my family as a week vacation. We went to places we’ve never been before and experienced amazing Chicago things. And I graduated CMU with my Bachelors degree in Science. And finally after celebrating Christmas, we enjoyed our first experience at the Lions vs Green Bay Packers game!


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