About Me


I was raised in a little town called St. Johns, Michigan where the farms grow strong and everyone knows everyone. I live specifically on a rural farm in DeWitt with my parents, two older sisters, and my younger brother. That makes me the middle child, but the odd one out. I was always really focused on my grades, being involved in sports and with my community, and hanging out with my friends. 

My mom was a cheerleader and was the main reason why I joined cheerleading in the first place and I can’t thank her enough for it now. She was my coach for a couple of years when I first started and that made it easier for me to break out of my shell and become captain. She is also the reason why I joined Girl Scouts, was involved for 14 years, and loved volunteering and leading from birth. I received the Bronze and Silver award, held many president, vice president, secretary positions, and organizing many volunteer events.


My dad was the one who influenced me to join soccer when I was in 5th grade and although it didn’t stick with me as long as cheerleading did, I definitely made my dad proud. My dad got to be that “Soccer Dad” and I got to be that advise seeking daughter listening for ways to improve.


Thanks to both of my parents who met and dated through 4-H, they pushed us all to join 4-H and show pigs. Together we had 12 pigs on our farm, a vegetable garden, and some flower gardens for 14 years. I received honor of recognition, state representative in horticulture, honored many president, vice president, and secretary roles, and won multiple awards during the fair as well.


My oldest sister played the saxophone which is the reason why I picked to play the alto saxophone in 5th grade and continued through my senior year to become a captain. Band alone has changed my life drastically within the music world, and every social aspect. She also was in Alpha Sigma Alpha which showed me just how amazing Greek life is! She inspired me to join Sigma Sigma Sigma which has GREATLY changed my life already! I absolutely love all the new people I’ve met, our philanthropy, and volunteering at all our events. It has made me super busy again and I can only be super thankful and grateful for this opportunity! 

10350432_777993395544316_4920896986212190067_nMy older sister is the main reason I have such an odd sense of humor that’s so sarcastic it takes the right person to understand us. She is also the one who suggested to take Fire/EMS RESA (college class) and I not only realized just how much I want to be in the health field, but I also discovered my love for the overall protection of citizens. This encouraged me to try Camp Quality (a camp for kids with cancer or who have survived the battle) and being a companion to an 11 year old.


My younger brother is the one who gave me the strong backbone that I still possess today. We fought constantly and once we finally got through that stage my senior year, I was able to be that protective, loving older sister that I so craved for. He also is showing me his humorous side which makes life so much more enjoyable.

As soon as I received the Leadership Advancement Scholarship, I wanted to do Leadership Camp. That’s where I fell in love the campus atmosphere, loving people, and importance of leadership/volunteering throughout the community. This is where I became a Leadership Camp Facilitator as an incoming Junior and absolutely loved showing others how important it is to step outside of your comfort zone and to find any way to step up in the community. I also did Leadership Safari and loved how energetic everyone was about CMU. I have continued to grow and join more clubs and volunteer events as my passion has dragged me to do throughout my collegiate experience.

I can’t thank my family enough for all the troubles that occurred that only made me a stronger, better person. They continuously push me to do better and try harder everyday. I’m still finding more and more ways to get involved on campus or in the world!


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