Alternative Breaks Executive Board

After an application and interview, I am going to be the Fundraising Co-Chair for the 2015-2016 year! I am so beyond blessed and excited to explore and add my input into the behind the scenes aspect of AB. After my first meeting with the leaving Fundraiser Chairs, they gave us a packet of their typed legacy notes of every fundraiser with tips. After leaving that meeting excited but worried with what looked and sounded life consuming, I knew I needed to organize this before everything starts to occur. So I made my first Prezi collecting and organizing everything visually. I am already feeling on top of things and calmer with my thoughts organized. Through the meetings and plannings with my other coordinator, I hope to raise money and make AB even more accessible for those who cannot afford it.

Being the Fundraiser Co-Chair is already starting to make more sense about my responsibilities throughout this year. Marc and I have already planned and executed the Midnight Skate for Alternative Winter Breaks on November 12th. We raised about $2,000 dollars which will be distributed throughout the 18 weeklong breaks. We have planned and executed the second Midnight Skate but for Alternative Spring Breaks on January 28th. This time around, I organized a colored/time slot of tickets by size to ensure people won’t be waiting all night for skates and that everyone will be able to skate. This definitely was a time consuming new system but it worked really well and everyone seemed to enjoy this change. We raised about $1,500 dollars this time around for another 18 weeklong breaks.

We have been planning Plates of Pleasant fundraiser for Alternative Spring Breaks all year. We have called about 200 businesses hundreds of times to get all the details figured out towards their possible donations. I have gathered all of the performers and we finished up all the gritty details towards making this fundraiser successful.

As my final act of service for my position, I planned the Summer fundraiser and I decided doing a fundraiser through Las Senoritas was the best decision for summer AB’s as it doesn’t cost us a dime and it will give us 20% of the profits from each persons bill that day.  Ending my position with this fundraiser and all the kick offs coming successfully to a close, I can honestly say that this position has went above and beyond my expectations. I was so against fundraising as it is not fun for either party to participate in but it actually was very valuable and exciting to have a part in. Literally without fundraising, most breaks would cost above $200 and making it impossible for most college students to attend. This position on board was so rewarding see all the hard work put to action. I highly suggest people to continue to step outside of their comfort zone and learn about the tougher things in life.



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