Experiences Pre-College

“When we serve we experience, when we experience we teach, when we teach we learn, when we learn our lives are permanently changed, and as our lives are changed we are enriched beyond our wildest dreams” -Jaren L Davis.

As we live our life, we continually learn from our mistakes and success. We dream, want to change for the better, and help others to live the best life we could enrich ourselves with. The quote above really describes how much impact one person can have on another whether it’s a big or little. Through my history, I was involved with as much as I could fit in my schedule. I lived the “regular” life with my family, friends, boyfriends (if/when they came along), and school. All of which, I have made many mistakes with but also made leaping success. I have learned from every person I have come into contact with and don’t regret any part of it. I strongly believe that everything happens for a reason. When I had troubles fitting in with the one thing that should have my back (family), I learned to grow independently and forgive. And as I lost friends and boyfriends, I learned that I deserve better than to worry about the people who don’t care about me. Both of which, made me grow as a strong and understanding leader. As I added sports, clubs, and volunteer opportunities; I conquered experiences I would never dream of chasing. I became sarcastic and humorous, care free, loving, and smiley. I’ve learned to not take life so seriously, to laugh and step outside of your comfort zone, to do things you normally wouldn’t do, & to make others happy. I loved doing these things because I care about others and teaching others my experiences. Being involved had me smiling through life, trying new things, and meeting new people. Changing into a care free attitude person, had me re-grow the backbone of my life. My bonds with my family are unbreakable and I have only gained more friends through the growing opportunities I undertake.

I was a sport junking both on the field & on the couch. I was a huge soccer player, cheerleader, and tried tennis for a couple of years. I love watching football, basketball, and soccer on TV whether its professional or college level. I took on captain roles or other smaller committees within these sports. I was a Girl Scout & 4-H member my entire life, was involved in GoodWins, NHS, P.A.S.S, EMS/Fire Science at a community college, and was in the band. Have received All Academic Awards & Athletic Awards for cheer, soccer, and tennis every year as a varsity athlete.


I attended a “Women’s In Sports Leadership Conference” learning skills on teaching and motivating an underclassmen group of women. I taught young girls cheerleading techniques and skills through a Little’s Cheer Camp. I was the captain my senior year and was responsible for the success of the members.

Good Wins:

Placed and filled Easter eggs, secured the area for a local Easter egg hunt. Help with set up, and leading a fitness activity at a local Family Fit Fest. Attended meetings and provided ideas for future volunteer activities.


Was the Induction Ceremony Speaker in 2012 for the graduating class of NHS. Volunteered at a Reality Store activity through the middle school that taught them how to manage money even with unexpected changes like hospital bills and car bills. Served and prepared dinner to senior citizens as a Christmas ceremony in a local church. Volunteered as an usher at a SJHS graduation with handing out programs and assisting guests to their seats.


Stands for peer assisted student success meaning I mentored a troubled middle school teenager throughout the year. I had one-on-one experiences in creating trust activities through each meeting. We went with our mentee to work with horses at a local ranch to provide activities relating to life’s struggles they endure.

EMS/Fire Science:

Received Emergency Service Achievement award and Academic Achievement through my RESA class. These were for the hard work, dedication, ambition and passion I brought to class, and future potential the teacher saw in me.


I started out little in the leadership roles with being the reporter for my 4-H club. But then I worked my way up to Vice President & finished as the President. Was elected by my peers and became a county representative for the 4-H council for 2 years. I also mentored a younger, new member in how to show a pig, what to say in the interviews, and when you’re in the ring. Mentored a group of 8-12 year olds, led crafts, and taught cheerleading and fitness class through Discovery Days over spring break as a senior. Made and provided craft instructions to young attendees for a 4-H Christmas craft fundraiser. Caroled at Hazel Findley as a volunteer through 4-H. I worked through a kids program called Work of Heart being a mentor. I have been a Fair Teen Superintendent in multiple project areas for multiple years. Was a camp counselor for 2 years for middle school kids. I have been created and coordinator of the younger kids for a program during the week of fair called Fun Factor Games. I was on the trip committee imputing ideas and improvements for awarding end of the year trips for each grade within 4-H. I have received the 10-year award, been a State and County Representative for Horticulture & Crops. I have received champion and reserve champion swine as a beginner. Received “Outstanding 4-Her award” as a senior.


I struggled playing the saxophone in middle school but worked hard to be the 1st chair in my band every year. My senior year, I became section leader & helped the underclassmen improved through marching and symphonic band, reading music, and teaching them how to march properly.

Girl Scouts:

Through Girl Scouts, I was just in many smaller committees, became secretary, then Vice and President for a couple of years. I volunteered with making toys and beds for a local animal shelter, creating an animal carnival to create awareness at the shelter, washed and up-kept the animals. Cleaned, took photographs of tomb stones, and helped create a filed report of locations of tomb stones for local cemeteries. Volunteered at many fish fry dinners locally busing tables and refilling beverages. Set up chairs, placed placements and flower vases, washed dishes, and collected money for a Mother’s Day breakfast. I was a YMCA overnight coordinator for multiple troops. I have completed and been awarded the Silver and Bronze award and 10-year award.


Fundraiser for the Relay for Life cancer society, set up, and participated in the 24 hour event. Through Venture Crew, I cut limbs and brush to create a new trail at a local State Park. Through the other clubs I was involved in, I just stepped up and made suggestions since there wasn’t any roles. But all these leadership roles continued to have me leave that shy shell and help others do as well. Through a leader stand point, I took on leadership roles and learned to accept when I failed at something. I learned that to be a good leader, I had to put myself in their situation to understand why they act the way they do or say. I understand now that failing is okay, you can’t be perfect; it just gives you more of an excuse to try harder next time. I know through my experience and leadership style that everyone has an opinion and deserves to be heard. Not everyone is going to be willing to step out, say something, or get anything right the first time; but everyone deserves a second chance and should be encouraged. I’ve learned that life is a journey with problems to solve, lessons to learn, but most of all, experiences to enjoy.


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