Future Laker

As a senior in high school and looking for future colleges, I really only found two colleges that were of interest to me; Grand Valley and CMU. At the time, all I knew was that I wanted to pursue a health degree of some sort, whatever college gave me the most scholarships would be the differentiating factor, and whichever felt more like home to me. Of course, CMU offered enough scholarships to grab my attention, my mother receieved her bachelors there and my sister had another couple years there, and the university overall made me feel more at home and so I clearly picked CMU. If I would of known that I wanted to pursue an Occupational Therapy career and Grand Valley offered the best one in the state, I would of easily chose GVSU over CMU.I’m not saying I regret CMU because I definitely don’t, but it definitely would of prepared me more for the grad program if I would of went to GVSU as an undergrad. All of that aside, as soon as I chose OT the end of my freshman year, I have really been monitoring the graduate program for GVSU on their website. I have an application filled out already saved on my computer, I have my future requirements looked at ahead of time so I could ensure my chances of getting into the program are in my hands, and I have been saving money like crazy to pay for those credits. To be honest, I have stressed and spent my entire college career preparing myself for GVSU Graduate Program.