Get Fit

There’s a beauty in being healthy and empowered by addiction. Addicted to bettering yourself through eating healthier and working out regularly. The beauty in loving yourself again and again everytime you look in the mirror.

I found I am really good at doing this love, hate relationship. I love my body for months through losing weight and toning up. And then I hate my body for months by gaining it all back and going back to my unhealthy habits. And this cycle repeats too many times. I’ve been 180 pounds and starting to climb more, buying bigger clothes, and just editing my pictures to make myself look smaller. And then I’ve been 160 pounds, meal prepping, and working out with love for my body. But how do I stop this cycle? How do I continue to stay healthy and not fall back into my bad habits?

Something I am trying new to keep my motivation is I made a bullet journal. In this bullet journal is a schedule, healthy habits, water and steps tracker, meal prepping ideas and recipes, finances, mood tracker, etc. Doing this is a fun creative activity but more importantly, it’s a way to track monthly habits and hope I can find ways to continue or improve them.