My personal goals are to exercise as much as possible for it will only increase my self-esteem and a healthy outlook on life. I will eat right encompassing the food groups with little to no sweets and fast/greasy food. This will be accomplished throughout my life but I will successfully improve my eating & exercise habits by the end of this semester. I will love myself because you must love yourself before you are capable of loving another with full intentions on staying.  I will get as much rest as possible without sleeping my life away because a rested mind, is a fully aware mind. I will travel somewhere I have never been before whether it’s somewhere out of the country or state, or somewhere lost in the woods. I will smile because there is so much in life to smile about. Smiling not only affects my attitude but others around me who get to catch a glimpse of such. I will henceforth portray positive views even when everyone else has a negative one. A positive outlook on life keeps your motives high and keeps your friends nearby for no one likes a Debby downer! I will care for others when living away from home can become tough for most college students. They may need a shoulder to cry on or a listening ear and have no one to come too. I will hug someone & wait for them to release because you don’t know how long they could have needed that. And I will enjoy life because life is too short to stress over the little, unimportant things and to look at the bigger picture. All of which will be accomplished at some point in time within my life all just depending on when the situation or chance arises.

My professional goals are to work hard everyday to get on the Dean’s list whether that means studying more, taking more notes, or paying better attention in class. This was accomplished in the spring semester of 2015 but will keep being accomplished later on. I will acquire expertise and skill within my future career through experience and schooling. I will create my personal brand so when someone sees what I’m doing they know me, my strengths, and are willing to support my actions or beliefs. I will achieve a promotion within my career, raise, or some type of recognition through the hard work I will put forth. I will help others get better, live a happier life, and meet new clients not just on a first name basis, but to acquire some knowledge about them for my own benefits of wisdom. I will obtain employment hopefully in my preferred field of study to always have support and money available for those in need and for my future family. These will be accomplished throughout my higher education process & after such is finished.

The steps that I will take to achieve these goals can simply be accomplished with an optimistic view on life. Keeping that positive, smiling, caring attitude will only increase my chances of finishing these goals. If I receive a bad grade on a test, project, or class; I will learn how to improve and try harder next time with my positive view on the negative subject.  I will study hard, meet as many people as possible, be involved in as many opportunities as possible, learn through others wisdom, and be the person people want to have in their life. All of which could be influence and have a greater shot of being accomplished with an optimistic view. I may have to stay in on the weekends more to improve grades. I may have to get involved on campus more to meet more people and travel somewhere I haven’t explored yet. I may have to step up and take on bigger leadership roles to accomplish my personal goals. I may even have to take time out of my free time to sleep, exercise more focusing on my body’s health, and reach out to those who wouldn’t have been cared for during that period of time. If I’m passionate enough about these goals, they will be accomplished.


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