“A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions.”-Oliver Holmes

My montra was “Inspire & Be Inpsired.” This is why I get involved in so many things and the reason I’m okay with being overwhelmed. Something wonderful is about to happen, whether it’s after failing a test resulting in studying harder and acing the next one, or going from your most stressful day to most relaxing eye-opening day. Everyday creates new opportunities and is a fresh start. Something wonderful will happen. It may happen within the next few minutes or the next few weeks, but its important to remember that it will look up. This gives my life that optimistic approach and to not take life too seriously. I live life in a positive view which just creates happiness and laughter to be spread.

1) Sigma Sigma Sigma Sorority:

  1. To create friendships that will last a lifetime
  2. To raise money for our philanthropy and raise awareness of others
  3. To help others grow, laugh, and live life with as many new opportunities as possible
  4. To be inspired by others and to continue to inspire others


  • Philanthropy Committee Member (2016)-help plan and ensure philanthropy events run smoothly
  • Fundraising Assistant (2016-2017)-improve and create fundraising events for “Sigma Serves Children”
  • Greek Gala Chair (2016)-nominate and submit members to win an award for Sigma
  • Community Service Chair (2015)-plan community service events for others to get involved and volunteer more in the community
  • Alumnae Relations Chair (2015)-coordinate Circle Degree and connections with alum through monthly update
  • Athletics Assistant (2014)-assist in planning and coordinating flag football, soccer, floor hockey, and volleyball throughout the year
  • Leadership Chair (2013 & 2014)-along with my assistant, we come up with leadership building activities to bring to our chapter meetings. This will influence our chapter the importance of leadership and how it can change not only their life but others
  • New Member Assistant (2013)-within this new member period, I help the new members learn about our rituals, traditions, and history before they can become initiated themselves. It is up to the new member educator & the assistants to prepare these girls for the rest of their time in the sorority.
  • Panhellenic Council (2013)-I attend a meeting every week to learn about other chapters accomplishments and future aspects that can be brought back to our chapter.
  • GVSU Installation(2013)-volunteered to inspire and further our sorority in other campuses like GVSU. With a new chapter there, our sorority continues to expand and raise money for our philanthropy.
  • PAPA’s Pumpkin Patch (2013)-volunteered at the pumpkin patch to help kick off the fall season.
  • Recruitment-meet and help any non-greek member who is looking to get involved in Greek life find their new home away from home.
    • Clerical Committee


2) Leadership Safari:

  1. To get involved on campus
  2. To learn about opportunities available on campus
  3. To become acclimated as a freshman & meet new people
  4. To learn the importance of giving 100% effort no matter how hard the decision may become
  • 2013 Participant for Team Killer Whale
  • 2014 Guide for Team Whooping Crane
  • 2015 Guide for Team Junebug
  • 2016 Ranger Guide for Team Junebug


3) Alpha Leadership:

  1. To learn my leadership style which will influence my decisions and my followers decisions
  2. To cooperate with others who have different leadership styles
  3. To be a leader & realize why I love leadership as much as I do
  • Involved in taking on this 5 week program to further my leadership style and experiences in winter 2013
  • Facilitator in 2015


4) IM Sports:

  1. To improve teamwork skills that will later help when being the leader of a group
  2. To meet new people and expand my network
  3. To try new things that I’ve never had the chance to participate in before
  4. To accept defeat and learn how to improve in the future
  • Save The TD’s flag football team 2013
  • Sigma Sigma Sigma
    • Volleyball 2014
    • Flag Football 2014
    • Outdoor Soccer 2014
    • Flag Football 2015
    • Outdoor Soccer 2015


5) Leadership Advancement Scholarship:

  1. To continue to grow from a premature leader in high school to an experienced, helpful leader in college
  2. To meet other leaders with the same passions but different backgrounds and experiences
  3. To learn how to resolve conflicts and improve the situation for future references
  4. To create lifelong friendships with people who truly care & love each other
  • Mentor of Addie & Michael (LAS Cohort of 2014)
  • G Mentor of James, Chase, Ijeoma, Justin, & James (LAS cohort of 2015)


6) Leadership Camp:

  1. To realize that life is always more than what meets the eye
  2. To meet future CMU students also interested in leadership
  3. To grow not only as a leader but as a friend to strangers
  • Past Participant in 2013 (Facilitators Becca and Andrew)
  • Facilitator in 2015 (Myself and Taylor)
  • Returner Facilitator in 2016


7) Connections Conference

  1. To meet other CMU students looking to further their leadership skills and knowledge
  2. To bond with my LAS cohort further at Great Wolf Lodge
  3. To listen and grow from each speaker
  • Past Participant in 2013
  • Committee Member 2014
  • Committee Member 2015



8) LeaderShape 2014

  1. To find and expand my vision into reality
  2. To meet other CMU students involved in leadership
  3. To potentially change someone’s life
  • Participant at Eagle Village in 2014

10) LEAD Teams

  1. To expand our knowledge into the depths of how LAS is successful while helping in the process
  2. Planning, organizing, and creative skills are accomplished
  • In 2013-2014, I was on the Promotion Lead Team where we created and expanded the process of how high school students can hear about LAS
  • In 2014-2015, I was on the LAS in the D Lead Team where we will plan accordingly the events that weekend and ensuring everything will run smoothly
  • In 2015-2016, I was on the Grad Ball Lead Team where we planned the event and every detail into making this event successful on April 8th

11)National Society of Collegiate Scholars (NSCS)

  1. Recognizes outstanding acdemic achievement among first and second year college students
  2. Provides career and graduate school connections
  3. Provides leadership and service opportunities
  • In 2014, I became a member of NSCS

12) Alternative Breaks

  1. Connects the awareness of the social issue, volunteering, and community service throughout the United States for a weekend or week (usually during Winter, Spring, and Summer Breaks)
  2. Provides opportunities to meet others involved and passionate about the same issue
  • 2014, volunteered in New Orleans, Louisiana for a Winter Break Issue on Children’s Healthcare (40 hours of volunteer service)
  • 2015, volunteered in Washington D.C. for a Spring Break Issue on Uplifting Children & Families with the Beacon House (40 hours of volunteer service)
  • 2015, volunteered in Detroit, MI for a November Weekend Break issue on Hunger & Homelessness with CASS Community Services (10 hours of volunteer service and site leader)
  • 2015, volunteered in Gulfport, Mississippi for a Winter Break Issue on Affordable Housing with Habitat for Humanity(40 hours of volunteer service)
  • 2015, Be My Neighbor Day (3 hours)
  • 2015, Issue Day (6 hours)
  • 2016, volunteered in Flint, MI for a February Weekend Break issue on Youth Advocacy with Whaley Children’s Center (10 hours of service and site leader)
  • 2016, MLK Day of Service (13 hours)
  • 2016, volunteered in Kansas City, Missouri for a Spring Break Issue on Youth Mentoring with Operation Breakthrough (40 hours of service and site leader)
  • 2016, volunteered in Palm Beach, Florida for a Summer Break on Animal Endangerment with Sea Turtle Conservation League of Singer Island, MacArthur Beach State Park and Loggerhead Marine Life Center (40 hours of service and site leader)
  • 2015-2016 Fundraiser Co-Chair Board Member
  • 2015-2016 Site Leader
  • 2016, volunteered Atlanta, Georgia for a Winter Break on Immigration. We worked with a couple different organizations preparing houses for future refugees, organized a storage closet, and worked hands on with refugees on education and budgets.

13) Greek InterVarsity

  1. Connects Greeks with God in Indianapolis
  2. Connects Greeks with other Greeks who have the same faith
  3. Relates how to balance your priorities with your faith and your actions
  • 2015, participant through the Connect Session
  • 2015, Greek IV 101 member
  • 2015, His House member
  • 2016, His House Life Group member

14) The Rainbow Connection at CMU

  1. Focus on fulfilling the special wishes of Michigan children with life threatening illnesses
  • Ran the Superhero 5k Walk/Run with the proceeds going towards sending Tyrease, a child battling a rare blood disease to meet the superheroes at the Universal Studios!

15) Lunch Buddies

  1. Help elementary students form positive attitudes about school
  2. Encourage healthy nutrition and physical activity
  3. Become a positive role model
  4. Help them become more healthy, confident, and hopeful about the future
  • 2015 Mentor

16) Camp Quality

  1. Work with a child with cancer and their family through the programs, experiences, and companionship, at no cost
  2. Promote hope and inspiration while helping children foster life skills and develop their full potential
  3. Become a camper’s “best friend for the week” by caring and supporting before, during, and after camp
  • 2015 Camp Quality Companion
  • 2016 Camp Quality Companion

17) SOMI

  1. Volunteer and being educated on persons with disabilities, different types of disabilities, and how they don’t let that stop them from living their life.
  2. Promote and educate others on stopping the usage of the R word and the negative stereotype of persons with disabilities.
  • 2013-2017 volunteer (fall, winter, and summer games)
  • 2016-2017 Eboard member for SO College RSO
  • 2016 medical staff volunteer

18) Global Brigades

  1. Global Brigades has mobilized tens of thousands of university students and professionals through skill-based programs that work in partnership with community members to improve quality of life in under resourced regions while respecting local culture.
  2. To empower volunteers and under-resourced communities to resolve global health and economic disparities and inspire all involved to collaboratively work towards an equal world.
  • 2017 volunteer in Nicaragua for the Health/Dental Brigade

19) Athletics Committee

  1. The Athletic Committee will monitor and evaluate the Athletics Department’s performance using as the basis of its evaluations Central Michigan University’s statement of its mission.
  2. The Athletic Committee will regularly review issues associated with the welfare of student athletes participating in Mid-American Conference and National Collegiate Athletic Association sports to ensure that the University and the Athletics Department maintain the proper balance between participation in athletics and academic achievement.
  3. The Athletic Committee will communicate the concerns of student-athletes participating in intercollegiate athletics to the Academic Senate and the University community including the Athletics Department, the University administration, academic departments, the faculty as a whole, and other groups as warranted.
  4. The Athletic Committee will prepare an annual report and other reports as needed, advising the President and the Academic Senate of the Athletics Department’s performance with respect to its academic and athletic goals and with respect to the  welfare of the student-athletes participating in Mid-American Conference and National Collegiate Athletics Association sports.
  • 2016-2017 member

20) Professional Development:

  1. To gain knowledge outside of the classroom through conferences and other business opportunities for Clinical Exercise Science.
  2. To network and meet people within my field. To hear from their perspectives and to gain friendships or future coworkers.
  3. To challenge my thought processes and learn information outside of my realm of knowledge.
  • Attended the MSCVPR Conference in Bay City: March 24-25, 2017
  • Attended the PARR Lecture at Central Michigan University: April 20, 2017

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