Leadership Philosophy

“Today you are you, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is youer than you.” -Dr. Seuss

My authentic leadership values, actions, behaviors, and thoughts are encompassed perfectly with this quote and couldn’t of been excluded from this. To stay true to myself with every moral and value I have experience and learned throughout my lifetime. My values are to be true to my words, actions, and beliefs because it can easily be persuaded by others. Although some ideas can change these things, I value my ability to listen and compromise with others.  I want others to learn how to be themselves even if its unlike the status quo because being different and original is perfect. I want others to know they don’t have to be the loudest or smartest to be able to be heard. Everyone’s ideas are a different view or angle on a situation that could be extremely helpful. Being how I’m not the one to usually be the loudest or think my idea matters, I’ve learned to say my opinion when possible because it can be beneficial. Through everyone’s different experiences and backgrounds, I want others to learn and prosper from each other. For instance, on competition day for LAS, I stepped up and explained how extra clothes shouldn’t be on the top of our list for our survival in the winter storm. Through my experience and background with my EMS/Fire Science RESA class in high school, I learned that when your clothes get wet and the result of hypothermia happens, it is best cured by body heat between people; not the changing of clothes. This helped our teams ranking to be more accurate when we found out the correct results. I continue to mold and learn my true leadership philosophy through leadership and volunteer experiences at CMU. I want to leave a mark on others of how to be the truest leader of yourself no matter how hard it may become.

My leadership philosophy that I want others to see:

  1. To have passion in everything you do
  2. To stay positive
  3. To support and encourage others
  4. To make fair decisions
  5. To respect others opinions and beliefs

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