Bucket List

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  1. get my picture taken in front of the bean in Chicago (August 2014, through the k-12 Sturgis Leadership Program)
  2. be part of a flash mob (July 2015, at Camp Quality with the Pink Team dancing to T-Swift “Shake It Off”)
  3. camp out on a roof with a good companion
  4. learn how to play the piano
  5. master how to successfully drive a stick shift
  6. be in the best shape of my life
  7. be kissed by a random stranger
  8. witness the ball dropping in Times Square in NYC
  9. be kissed as the ball drops on New Years Eve/Day by my true love (sappy I know) (January 1, 2017)
  10. see my face on a jumbo-tron (November 2014, SAE date party at the Griffin’s game)
  11. hike a mountain (July 2012, Montana with the Boy Scouts of America hiking 50 miles in 5 days)
  12. walk the streets of Paris
  13. go hunting & maybe shoot a deer..maybe
  14. save a life
  15. pull an all-nighter staying up late talking about everything with somebody
  16. attend The Price Is Right (February 2017, Live show at the Soaring Eagle Casino and Resort in Mount Pleasant, MI)
  17. go on a volunteer trip overseas (March 2017, Global Brigades, Nicaragua)
  18. dance in a field full of sunflowers (and have picture proof as evidence)
  19. own a vintage camera and go on a photo shoot with a friend
  20. see a play on Broadway
  21. travel to Seattle because Grey’s Anatomy
  22. ride a horse bare back
  23. ride an elephant
  24. feed a giraffe (August 2013, Binder Park Zoo)
  25. go skinny dipping in the dark
  26. jump off a cliff (into the deep water below)
  27. fly in an airplane (October 2016, Colorado)
  28. re-read the bible cover to cover
  29. go on a really long but adventurous road trip to no where (spontaneous trip to Colorado with Katie Rae, Danielle Germane, & Abigail Elbing October 2016)
  30. raise money & do a Polar Plunge (February 2017, in Mount Pleasant, MI)
  31. go on a hot air balloon ride
  32. be an extra in a film
  33. crash a wedding
  34. crash a prom (May 2014, in Powers Ballroom, CMU)
  35. go white water rafting (July 2011 & 2013, Pennsylvania for my sophomore & senior year 4-H trips)
  36. attend a Detroit Tigers baseball game (June 2014, with LAS)
  37. attend a Detroit Red Wings hockey game (January 2017, against the Boston Bruins with Abigail, Erik, and Sean)
  38. run a marathon
  39. go to an active volcano
  40. see Mt. Rushmore (July 2012, with the Boy Scouts of America on the way to Montana)
  41. take a nice ride on a sail boat
  42. go crowd surfing at a concert or something like that
  43. travel to all 50 states in the United of America
  44. climb a really high tree
  45. sleep on a trampoline under the stars
  46. go to a drive in movie
  47. visit all FIVE Great Lakes: Lake Erie, Lake Huron, Lake Michigan, Lake Ontario, Lake  Superior
  48. visit Pictured Rocks Lake Shore in Grand Marais, MI.
  49. go skydiving
  50. be serenaded
  51. attend The Ellen Show
  52. see the Northern Lights
  53. ride the tallest roller coaster in the world
  54. go the Summer Olympic Games (June 2015, CMU)
  55. be apart of AmeriCorps
  56. run the Color Run (April 2014, with Claire Guthrie in Kalamazoo, MI)
  57. ride an outdoor zip line (July 2015, Camp Quality’s “Creek Freak”)
  58. get my nose pierced (February 2015, with Katie Rae in Mount Pleasant, MI)
  59. get a tattoo (April 2016, of a sunflower with Katie Rae in Mount Pleasant)
  60. learn CPR (2013, through my RESA EMS/Fire Science class)
  61. change a strangers tire and or jump start their car
  62. take a professional photo shoot
  63. drink from a fresh coconut
  64. order room service
  65. apply for a reality show: Survivor, Big Brother, Bachelorette; I’m coming for ya
  66. go to Faster Horses (July 17-19th, 2015)
  67. dance on a bar (St. Patrick’s Day 2015)
  68. do paintball
  69. participate in hot yoga
  70. stand under a waterfall
  71. join a sorority (Fall 2013, Sigma Sigma Sigma)
  72. pay for my parents to go on a cruise or just somewhere special
  73. add a lock to the Love Lock Bridge in Paris
  74. let go of a floating lantern
  75. throw a coin and make a wish in the Trevi Fountain in Italy
  76. give a shelter pet a home (June 2014 & January 2015; Bella & Titan)
  77. ride in a Gondola
  78. pay a stranger’s restaurant bill
  79. bungee jump off a bridge
  80. stand in all four states at the Four Corners
  81. build a gingerbread house
  82. donate hair to cancer patients (November 2014 & 2015, to Children With Hair Loss NonProfit organization)
  83. go to Disney World
  84. buy a Love Your Melon hat (February 2015)
  85. visit a concentration camp memorial
  86. visit the 9/11 memorial sites: Flight 93 in Pennsylvania (July 2013) & September 11 Memorial in NY
  87. visit platform 9 3/4 at king’s cross station
  88. graduate college (August 2017)
  89. pull a prank on someone (May 2013, 1200 sticky notes on my cheerleading coach/seminar teacher’s car)
  90. ride in a limo
  91. have a paint fight
  92. stand on the equator
  93. go to Carlo’s Bake Shop
  94. attend Mardi Gras
  95. rope swing into a lake
  96. go paddle boarding (June 2016, Chippewa River, Mt Pleasant)
  97. ride a motorcycle (July 2013, in Indiana)
  98. become a kids camp counselor over a summer (Camp Quality, summer of 2015)
  99. become an Alternative Breaks board member and/or Site Leader (2015-2016 year), and/or L-Camp Facilitator (June 2015)
  100. accomplish something outside of my comfort zone (July 2016, Michigan Adventure’s Zip Line)
  101. meet a celebrity (Jacob & Troy Landry from Swamp People in April 2013; RJ Mitte in October 2014)
  102. be a contestant in a pageant (SAE’s Miss Minerva, performed Jingle Bell Rock, Mean Girls March 2015)



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