Looking through the class load for the two years of the traditional program, I am starting to get excited but nervous of course. Excited because I will finally be able to fully immerse myself into the thing I love most, which makes dedicating my time worth the stress, and to fully understand my major piece by piece.

The most exciting but time worthy piece of the masters is the fieldwork. Level I fieldwork will occur in four semesters, beginning with the fall semester of the first year, and ending with the winter semester of the second year. Each semester is 12 – 15 weeks long, and it is planned for a total of approximately 80 hours per semester.  Level I Fieldwork will inquire us to provide service to a community agency that will assist that agency in meeting its service needs. Community agencies may include day care programs, respite programs, homeless shelters, nursing homes, support group associations, or any other organizations not associated with a hospital or rehabilitation program. In providing service to the agency, we may work one-on-one with clients, may develop programs for a group of clients, may conduct surveys or needs assessments, may plan and deliver educational activities, may write proposals for programming, implement new programs, or participate in evaluating the outcomes of a program.

Level II fieldwork is scheduled to occur in the winter and spring of the second professional year of the program, on a full-time basis, for 12 weeks each semester. Level II fieldwork experiences will total 960 hours, and it will occur following successful completion of the course work to include thesis or research projects. After successful completion of Level II fieldwork, we will be eligible to take the NBCOT examination. The goal of Level II fieldwork is to develop competent, entry level, generalist occupational therapists. Level II fieldwork will include an in-depth experience in delivering occupational therapy services to clients, focusing on the application of purposeful and meaningful occupation and/or research, administration and management of occupational therapy services. The fieldwork experience shall be designed to promote clinical reasoning and reflective practice; to transmit the values and beliefs that enable ethical practice; and to develop professionalism and competence as career responsibilities.

The course work, the 80-some-odd credits I will inquire are as follows:

Fall I

Winter I

Spring/Summer I

Fall II

Winter II

Spring/Summer II