A skill are a learned ability that must take effort, time, and energy to engage in. A skill may be something perfected over a short period of time or a lifetime without realization. I have a couple skills that I believe have been there my entire life, but perfected and expanded upon throughout my life. They will be a forever changing skill that must take practice and errors to find what fits me best.

Communication is something everyone learns starting with mommy and daddy. They teach what is proper to say around elders and the public and what is not okay to say. I’ve learned what to say in a professional setting and how to get my point across. I also struggled with this skill enormously when I was younger. I was born with a speech impediment and was pushed to take classes through my school’s counselor. Although I have grown so much from this experience, I still have much trouble speaking correctly. So you’re probably wondering why communication is one of my skills. Through the hours and hours of extra practice I took part in when I was younger and through every volunteer and leadership opportunity I’ve experienced, I now have a stronger communication skill. I know that even though I don’t pronounce every word correctly, I know how to communicate an idea, task, or problem at hand. I’ve learned to accept the jokes about messing up a phrase or word and to make the best of it.

Listening to others advice, problems, or ideas has been one of my strongest skills. From living in a family of 6, being the captain of my cheerleading team, and being the Arc Degree assistant in my sorority; I have practiced this skill everyday. Being able to truly listen to what everyone has to stay and help with the situation is an important quality to have. Helping others with advice and just being the person to go to when in need of venting has always been a top priority.  Without the ability to listen to everyone’s questions, comments, and concerns; I wouldn’t be able to help or lend a hand especially in a leadership position.

Hand-in-hand with listening and communicating is mediating problems. Everyone loves to gossip but they don’t like to hear about themselves being talked about behind their back. I have had to step up and confront people with problems since I was little thanks to the troublesome siblings I’ve lived with. Being able to listen to every side involved and communicate an effective way to solve the problem is important to me and being a leader. I’ve dealt with younger siblings while babysitting who have fought. I solved the problem without taking sides to the issue and create a better outcome.


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