Sparrow Hospital

Well the day finally came & conquered. On November 10th, 2016, I completed the last 6 hours of OT observation needed to complete my 50 hours for Grand Valley State University OT Grad Program. I am ecstatic & relieved as I was waiting to hear back from Children’s Therapy Corner to do them but kept getting pushed back on when that can happen. So I told myself that it is probably better to go elsewhere to finish it. I chose Sparrow Hospital inpatient rehab in Lansing to work with an OT who graduated from Saginaw Valley only a couple years ago, Theresa McConnon. She was absolutely wonderful. She had me follow her around to the 9 patients we visited that day from 7:30-3:30pm. I met people from 29 years old up to 91. All of them in there for different reasons and needing help from us for various reasons as well. I did the things I do everyday af work like self care (pericare, toileting, washing hands, get dressed, etc) and everyday mobility (helping move them to a chair, walking them around the hospital or in their room). Then I got to watch her do all her evals with the patients with range of motion and strength in their arms, fingers, and hands. She let me watch her write all her evals on their system, how she assessed each one before and after, and how to write the evals properly. She let me ask her a million questions that cleared up any confusion with the differences in a hospital setting verse others and why she is where she is now. 
Overall, she really showed me that a hospital setting is a setting I fit best in. The quick pace, quick assessment, working with the nurses and other Physical Therapists, the evals, etc. I loved every moment of it and especially working with her. Thank you Theresa for taking me under your wing and letting me finish up my hours in the best way possible. Thank you Sparrow for having such amazing professionals working in your hospital and treating everyone with respect.