Sparrow Internship

I can’t believe the last 4 years of my college career is all coming down to this one internship. With my bachelors degree in Clinical Exercise Science, one of the requirements is like a capstone project, this internship. It was up to me to apply to different places in the Michigan area that interested me and would accept me as an intern. One of the first places I applied to was Sparrow Lansing-TCI. The interview that I had on Friday December 2nd, went wonderful. We talked about what the internship would entail, I got a tour of the facility and where I would be working, and I took a quiz over ECG’s. I got the call on December 6th, stating they are offering me the internship and would get in contact with the internship coordinator to discuss details. 
In the final report of my progress, I will need to write a 4 page paper regarding:

Clinical Stress Testing: nuclear stress tests, echo stress tests, pharmacologic stress tests,
regular stress tests, cardiopulmonary stress tests, etc.
Exercise Programming: cardiac rehab, pulmonary rehab, exercise prescription, patient
monitoring, etc.
Patient Assessment: health/medical evaluation, individual treatment plan, etc.
Patient Education: one-to-one education, group presentations, development of educational
materials, etc.
Other Observations: other diagnostic areas, surgeries, other programs or departments, etc.
Projects or Assignments: worksheets, case studies, presentations to staff, lectures,
quizzes/tests, newsletters, events, etc.
Here’s the breakdown of the internship:

May 15, 2017– First Day/Orientation

Please report to 1200 E. Michigan Avenue (Sparrow Professional Building) Suite 580 at 8am. Check in with reception. We will go over internship material, hand out your name badges, review parking information, and you will finish the day at your assigned departments.

First rotations: Cardiac Rehab ​M, W, F 7:30 – 5 pm

June 16, 2017: End of first rotation. Cardiac Medications assignment to be completed by this date.

***Cardiac Medications class will be scheduled in June. Time and date TBD***

June 19, 2017: 2nd rotation begins: TCI outpatient testing ​M-F 8-4:30 pm

July 21, 2017: Last day of 2nd rotations. Presentation and case study topics to be emailed by this date.

***Open Heart Surgeries will be scheduled in July. Time and dates TBD***

July 24, 2017: Begin 3rd Rotations: Sparrow Inpatient testing ​M-F 8-4:30 pm

August 25, 2017: Last day of internship. Presentation and case studies to be presented at noon on this date. Final evaluations with each student will follow completion of all presentations.
*** Site visit with Matt Lyons typically takes place halfway through internship.