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Leadership Safari 2016

For you to understand my legacy on Leadership Safari, you would need to know my story of why Central Michigan University left a legacy on me. Throughout high school, I was always asked if I was my sister’s sibling. I was never seen as my own person, as someone who had a clean slate coming into the big leagues. I was afraid this was going to happen again to me here at Central as I am a legacy of my older sister and mother who graduated Central Michigan University. But, I knew I had to make a name for myself and there was… Continue reading Leadership Safari 2016

Leadership Education · Leadership Training

Leadership Camp 2016

Leadership Camp begins with the process of picking two coordinators (these are two people who have been a facilitator for two years), picking the returning facilitators, and finding the new ones. Leadership Camp thrives on diversity to bring in different and new views to the program and I feel this year, unlike any others, really… Continue reading Leadership Camp 2016